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Pat Robertson Still Wants To Assassinate Chavez. Hannity Suggests Maybe We Should Kill The President Of Iran, Instead. Or Did He Mean Also?

Reported by Ellen - February 3, 2006 -

Sean Hannity and Pat Robertson talked assassinations and Christianity on last night’s (2/2/06) Hannity & Colmes. Those aren’t two topics I’d expect to find in the same discussion but anything goes on FOX News. Shortly after Sean Hannity finished berating the NAACP for calling the Republican Party Nazi’s, there was a double-segment with Pat Robertson which was described on the screen as “ANSWERS HIS CRITICS.”

Sure enough, it was a love fest between Hannity and Robertson as they talked murder. Robertson chuckled as he described his comments that suggested Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s stroke was a punishment from God. “I’m a Bible teacher and I’m very passionate about - especially Israel. I love Israel… Sometimes… unfortunately, I get a little carried away.” Robertson said he had apologized to Sharon’s son who, Sharon claimed, accepted it.

Any rancor for over-the-top comments Hannity had for Democrats was gone completely with Robertson. Full of understanding for “getting carried away,” Hannity said, gently, “When you say you’re sorry, it goes a long way, doesn’t it?”

Alan Colmes played a clip of Robertson advocating the assassination of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, then a clip of Robertson saying that he never really said it. Colmes said, “You did say assassination.”

Robertson’s unsettling response was that Chavez had said the United States was trying to assassinate him. “What I should have said is that we ought to accommodate him and kept my mouth shut.” Robertson chuckled again at the humor of it all. “My premise was, and this is so important, I don’t like to go to war.” Rather than go to war against Iraq which has cost so many billions and maimed so many people, “Wouldn’t it have been better to have targeted Saddam Hussein? Wouldn’t it have been better to have targeted Adolf Hitler?”

Colmes asked, “Should Chavez be assassinated?”

“One day, he’s going to be aiming nuclear weapons. What’s coming across the gulf isn’t going to be Katrina. It’s gonna be his nukes.” Robertson added that South America would be a safer place without him.

“So you’re NOT taking back the comment. You believe assassination of Hugo Chavez would be in the best interest of the world.” Colmes said.

“One day we’re going to have to go to war if he continues his policy but…” Robertson chuckled again as he said that he had written a letter apologizing to Chavez, too.

Colmes remarked that Robertson may have apologized to Chavez but “what you just said seems to contravene that.”

“I know,” Robertson chuckled. “The whole thing we’ve got to deal with is that one day if he continues his course of trying to mobilize Marxist powers in South America…”

Colmes noted that Chavez is very popular in his own country, then asked, “But you want to take him out?”

“Not now but one day, one day, one day.”

Hannity interrupting to take a break, chimed in, “I think one thing we could say is that the world would be better off without him where he is because he is a danger to the United States.”

“An extreme danger,” Robertson agreed.

After the break, Hannity returned to the subject and talked about the evil in the world, citing what Stalin did, what Hitler did, what the 9/11 terrorists did, etc. Not so coincidentally, the president of Iran was the last one he named. “We have a new Iranian president who wants to wipe Israel off the map. That's evil, can I say that?"

Robertson said, "You certainly can."

Hannity continued, "Is it wrong morally – because I don’t believe it is – what would the world have been like if we took Hitler out earlier?”

Robertson said gravely, “We would have saved 50 million people who died in World War II.”

Hannity claimed that Hugo Chavez, though “not up to the level of Hitler,” is a threat. Then Hannity, Robertson and even Colmes joked about why Hannity can talk about assassination but Robertson can’t. Robertson thought “the response to my remarks were way overblown.”

Hannity asked “Is it because, maybe because you’re a Christian leader and people say well, you’re not supposed to kill or murder (Yeah, maybe!) but you can recognize evil… There is evil, Pat.”

Robertson said, “Dietrich Bonhoeffer said a wonderful thing. He said, ‘If I saw a car in the hands of a madman driving through a crowd of children,’ he said, ‘I’ve got two choices. Either I comfort the dead and the wounded after they are hit or I wrest control of the vehicle away from the madman.’ And that’s what he said – he was part of the assassination plot against Hitler. That was his rationale.”

Then, as the music began to end the discussion, Robertson told Colmes he could forgive anyone and quoted Scripture about what Jesus said about forgiveness and miracles.”

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