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O'Reilly Steps in It AGAIN!

Reported by Marie Therese - January 31, 2006

Bill O'Reilly's inability to do quality research never ceases to amaze me. Yet again, during last night's show, he got it wrong! In a segment about the "limits of dissent in time of war" he bad-mouthed his nemesis, Al Franken, willingly aided by a sorry little man named Alan Skorski, who's written a sorry little "tell all" book about Al Franken entitled Pants on Fire. (More on that in another post.) Here's what the Bloviating Billster had to say:

O'REILLY: What are the limits of dissent in a time of war? You just heard about the very controversial Joel Stein column in the Los Angeles Times. Obviously that's going to anger many Americans. But there's other stuff around as well. Far-left pundit Al Franken recorded a song, for example, entitled "Sorry". The lyrics went this way:

Sorry 'bout the prisoners,
Sorry they got raped,
Sorry they got tortured,
Sorry it got taped.

Believe me when I say
Their apology is sincere,
I'm awfully sorry for
That broomstick up their rear.
[Al Franken CD, September 2004]

Pretty graphic stuff and, of course, Franken was referring to Abu Ghraib.

There's only one tiny problem.

Al Franken doesn't sing the song "Sorry" on the CD!

The song is performed by lyricist Wayne Lammers and composer Pete Levin and is from an original CD entitled GOP Party Monsters produced just after the GOP Convention in August 2004.

Franken likes Lammers' & Levin's work and occasionally plays one of their songs on his Air America radio talk show. He also included several of their cuts on his CD The O'Franken Factor Factor: The Very Best of the O'Franken Factor. You can listen to sample clips at CD Universe.

Wayne Lammers is the man who actually penned the words O'Reilly found so offensive.

Here's what the Lammers' website has to say about the songs:

The duo recorded this 18-song gem at Sonart Studios in Mount Tremper, Schoolhouse Sound in Saugerties, and Buttons Sound in New York City.  Says Lammers of musical buddy Levin: "Pete's music is so eclectic.  He does all this with just his little synth, so it's basically Pete's brilliance shining through.  It's not a band."  But it sure sounds like one.  And by eclectic, we mean marches, raps, country-western, orchestral, reggae, you name it.  Lammers contributes lyrics and lead vocals, and the result is something in the vein of Monty Python, Cheech and Chong or Lenny Bruce, or the novelty songs of Ray Stevens or Alan Sherman.

"I wasn't bound at all by style," explains Levin, "since we knew it was going to be very strange and probably wouldn't get airplay.  It'll take unusual stations to play it; logically any disc jockey who puts it on the air will irritate 50 percent of his audience."

One person who insists on playing these songs is Al Franken on his Air America radio talk show.  "There was no voice for the liberal side," says Levin.  "There were all these other people - Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly - this wave of conservative radio.  Al decided he was going to voice the other side.  He's very committed to it."  The Lammers/Levin duo also have four songs on Franken's upcoming album.

The GOP gala begins with "Mission Accomplished," a ridiculously bombastic military march with a large cast of patriots crowing with American pride: "It went without a flaw / the shock filled them with awe / the evil doer's done / like burgers on a bun."  In "Rush Dogg," Rapper Limbaugh is finally converted: "The past is over, I don't let it dog me / the artist Limbaugh is now Rush Doggie!  / I know Sean Hannity's a no-no / and I'm touring Africa with Bono."

In "Sorry," Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld apologizes in the fashion of counter-terrorism aide Richard Clarke, set to an elegant '20s Rudy Vallee style: "Believe me when I say the apology's sincere / I'm awfully, awfully sorry for that broomstick up their rear."  Says Levin of the song's creation: "I'd just heard Clarke doing his public apology and a little while later everybody else started doing that - it's hip that they should all start apologizing and get away with anything.  Even the old broomstick routine."

Lammers adds: "That song came from a great anger of those two idiots, those two numbskulls.  Who are we?  What have we become?  What is that flag, what does it represent?  And the idea that god - this is what's so hysterical if it wasn't so horrifying - the idea that God would be on the side of torture?"

If O'Reilly's "source" for this little piece of sleaze was Mr. Skorski's book, why, then all I have to say to both men is:


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