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FOX via Gibson parroting White House framing of Domestic Spying

Reported by Chrish - January 31, 2006

FOUR times today 1/31/06 during The Big Story viewers heard the White House verbiage for the scandal about warrantless domestic spying, the "terrorist surveillance program". DNC Vice-chair Susan Turnbull called Gibson on it; Judge Andrew Napolitano, who we know opposes the illegal spying,let it slide.

In a purely cheerleading piece, White House Communications Director Nicole Wallace answered Gibson's question, "About the war on terror, what about the NSA wiretapping program?" Notice the immediate framing within the WOT. Wallace repled with a gush of talking points and familiar phrases designed to strike fear and neediness in simple Americans hearts: welcomes the opportunity to speak directly to Americans about steps being taken to protect the homeland; continued threats against our nation; still are people determined to hit us, in our cities, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, here in America; Bush will call on Congress to re-authorize the "Patriot Act", common sense laws; give law enforcement same tools to fight terrorists as they have to fight drug dealers (comment: because we know how successful that's been); he'll talk about "the importance of the terrorist surveillance efforts, which is I think what you were referring to." Gibson let's it go at that and changes the subject; no mention of warrantless domestic spying.

Later in the show, DNC vice-chair Susan Turnbull stopped him in his Bush-lovin' tracks when he said that Bush will make another attempt to convince people like her and other Democrats (like it's a partisan issue - it's not!) that the terrorist surveillance program, the wiretapping - she interrupted to say emphatically "you mean the domestic wiretapping, is that what you're talking about?" Gibson dutifully repeated the new WH mantra, "the terrorist surveillance program is a good idea. That if someone is calling Al Queda, or they're calling that person, we want to listen."

As the segment wrapped up, she said "I came to Washington in 1973. In 1973 we had a president who was mired in the Viet Nam war, a war that was unpopular (Gibson starts groaning loudly off screen and Turnbull raises her voice a little), an energy crisis, (Gibson says Where are you going with this Susan? and she says, Listen to me), and we had scandal. (Where are you going with this?) We took back 70 seats in '74; I'll settle for half that.

Comment: She was very good; charming, well spoken, knowledgeable and friendly.

Still later in the show, Judge Andrew Napolitano (JAN) was talking with his friend and host Gibson about another friend, Justice Alito, and his agenda on the Supreme Court. After affirming what we already knew, that Alito will vote to uphold the federal ban on intact dilation and extraction, Gibson changed the subject:

When it comes to the Court, as it will, what about (Bush's) claim that he has the right to conduct this terrorist surveillance program?

JAN replies (shaking his head and looking down) that Alito was very circumspect and did not speak about that. (Comment: YEAH! And when Democrats pushed for a position they were disparaged, mocked, and vilified for asking!) JAN went on that Alito has not spoken publicly on the subject nor has he had opportunity to rule on it, though he has made rulings favoring executive power. (Bush) would like to think that Alito will rule in favor of executive power to conduct warrantless search warrants (sic) but in fairness to Bush and Alito, that very issue never came before him.

Comment: Wow, that is some admission. It seems even the most brown-nosed supporters are stipulating that Bush will have to take it all the way to his recently stacked Supreme Court to get a "get out of jail" card. Napolitano's comment that Bush "would like to think" that his new Justice will vote to let him off the hook just shows how political this appointment really was. The anti-choice minority gets to call the shots for the rest of us, and Bush gets saved by a higher power - yet again.

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