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Go Ahead, Ruin Sean Hannity’s Day!

Reported by Ellen - January 30, 2006

Would you love to get some revenge on Sean Hannity? Have you ever dreamt of knocking that arrogant so-and-so off his Hanctimonious high horse? Longed to look into his squinty, bully-boy eyes and tell him, “Get over it!” Here’s your chance. Join the tsunami of grass roots activism for the filibuster against Judge Alito’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court. Do it for the sake of democracy, do it for the sake of checks and balances on executive power, for the sake of individual privacy, for the sake of reproduction rights, for the sake of checks on corporate power, for the sake of environmental protection. But if none of those are enough, do it for the sake of getting back at Sean Hannity.

Last week, Sean Hannity told Democratic Strategist Todd Webster, “I really hope you do filibuster…You just keep going because you’re not winning anybody over with these tactics and the extreme point of view.” We know it was just false bravado on Hannity’s part because the next night, he told harpy Ann Coulter that Democrats are “lashing out, they’re emotional, they’re very angry.” He added that “This is now (Republicans’) obligation to employ the Constitutional option here. I so hope they do.” Would Bill Frist really do it, knowing that there is opposition within his own party? Would the Republicans really pass it, knowing that they could well be the minority party before long?

While the mainstream media dismisses the effort as futile, progressive activists and bloggers have kept up the pressure by deluging senators with telephone calls, faxes and emails. They have had an effect. Senators who previously said they would not support a filibuster (Feinstein, Biden, Obama, e.g.) now say they will. There are now some reports in the blogosphere that the vote is close. DailyKos says two votes short, Alternet says four.

We have one more day to make a difference. I believe we can do it. But even if we don’t, it’s nearly as important to go down swinging rather than to roll over in defeat. Here are some links to who to call and how to reach them. Watch the Young Turks filibuster for the filibuster. Fire up the faxes, pick up the telephone, email like your life depends upon it. Because it could. And besides all that, just think how much it would piss off Sean Hannity.

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