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Cindy Sheehan: FOX Enemy Of The Week

Reported by Deborah - January 30, 2006

Cindy Sheehan attended the World Social Forum this week in Caracas, Venezuela and was photographed with Hugo Chavez. The timing couldn't have been more perfect for FOX News giving them the chance to hold her up as the symbol of the anti-American Left undermining the President right before his SOTU message. Although FOX always manages to find someone to play this role, Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore are their ultimate poster children. John Gibson had Juan Williams and Kirsten Powers on Big Story to discuss Sheehan's bad behavior and how it reflects on the Democrats.

In Gibsons first intro of the segment he referred to Sheehan and Chavez as the "odd couple" then chose " the left's new power couple" for the next introduction. He asked his guests if " she should just put a sock in it?"

Juan Williams answered with an emphatic "put a sock in it" claiming Sheehan looked like a "puppet of Hugo Chavez". He criticized Sheehan for pressuring Diane Feinstein to advocate immediate withdrawl from Iraq adding that she had plans to run against Feinstein. Williams said her " mouthing off" made her look clownish.

Kirsten Powers was more supportrive of Sheehan claiming that she galvanized Americans who are against this war. Powers included herself in a part of the population who are "very against this war"and in need of someone like Sheehan to get their message out. She disagreed with Gibson and Williams stating the the Democratic Party will not be hurt by Sheehan.

Juan Williams accused Sheehan of "being in bed with Hugo Chavez and Castro". Gibson said that she makes the far left look wacky adding that Chavez thinks she should run for President. Then of course Harry Belafonte was mentioned for added emphasis and the picture was complete.

comment: I can just imagine the die hard FOX watchers muttering commie and traitor each time Chavez and Sheehan were shown on screen. On the eve of SOTU, when Bush will most likely announce plans for a bigger, better and longer war that will require us to forfeit more of our constitutional rights, tax dollars, and children, Cindy Sheehan's image must be tarnished sufficiently.

1/31/06 Cindy Sheehan was arrested during the SOTU speech while she was sitted as an invited guest in the Chamber. She was lifted right out of her seat because she was wearing the wrong t-shirt.

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