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The Mindless Dweebs on FOX & Friends Make Fun of the Georgetown Protesters

Reported by Marie Therese - January 28, 2006

On Wednesday's edition of the O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly viciously attacked Georgetown University, its students and Professor David Cole. He took cheap shots at those who wore hoods and turned their backs on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales during a speech he was invited to give at the Georgetown Law Forum. O'Reilly distorted the event in words and video clips, and then O'Reilly's condemnations were echoed Thursday morning by the babbling bubbleheads on FOX & Friends, only they used the vehicle of thinly veiled sarcasm to belittle the protesters.

DOOCY: There are a lot of parents who may be sendin' their kids to Georgetown University in Washington, D. C. They're spendin' $45,000 a year to send them to that place and they might have actually wound up on television on Tuesday [01-24-06]

KILMEADE: Because speaking there was the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and in the audience ...

VIDEO CLIP of six students, black hoods over their heads, who turn their backs on Gonzales and held up large, hand-lettered sign.

HILL: Talking about the surveillance program.

KILMEADE (off screen): Right. And in the audience, people who don't, I guess, like him ...

DOOCY (off screen): Yeah.

KILMEADE (off screen): ... or the surveillance.

DOOCY: More than two dozen students turned their backs and stood during the entire Gonzales half-hour speech. Five [there were actually six] protesters, as you can see right there, were wearing black hoods with a banner - see, it obscured the television camera view - the banner said "THOSE WHO WOULD SACRIFICE LIBERTY FOR SECURITY DESERVE ...



HILL: Yeah. Benjamin Franklin. Everybody's sort of passin' that one around.

DOOCY: So, anyway, for the proud parents of those kids ...

HILL (laughing): Well, that's why they had the hoods on, so their parents wouldn't know who they were!

DOOCY: Yeah, maybe.

HILL: Get that chucklehead back home!

DOOCY: Well, freedom of expression.

HILL: Absolutely!

DOOCY But in a lot of places they - the organizers would not allow them to continue to stand for the entire half an hour because it's disruptive to the people ...

HILL: Right!

KILMEADE: Who are there.

DOOCY: ... who can't see through the poster!

HILL: Well, it's - you know, you want to make this statement, you absolutely should be - you know, should have the right to do that, but I think they should do it outside, so that the people who are there who want to listen ...

DOOCY: Sure.

HILL: ... to - ya' know - and watch, because you go there and, you know, you could sit at home, if you wanted just simply to listen to it - you could sit at home and, you know, listen on (sic) something else.

DOOCY: Um-hmm.

HILL: But, they want to be there, watching and listening, and clearly these kids decided, well, they would take it into their own hands to determine who got to see it and who got blocked by them and their sign, so, they stood up.

KILMEADE: Yeah, so they stood up, they turned their backs and they stood there the whole entire time.

HILL: Kinda rude!

KILMEADE: More than "kinda rude"! Greg Kelly, who's ...

DOOCY: Yeah, but what did the black hoods symbolize? Was that an Abu Ghraib thing?

HILL: No, I think that was so their parents wouldn't know.

DOOCY (guffawing): You could have done that with a ski mask!

HILL: You kiddin?!! If you saw your kid ...

DOOCY: I'll bet is was an Abu Ghraib thing!

HILL: Eh. I think it's just because they didn't want their parents to know!!

KILMEADE: Hey, Greg.

HILL: That's my guess!

KILMEADE: Greg Kelly, by the way, is at the White House, and, Greg, what's the last time you protested something? Do you remember the last time you held up a sign and just picketed?

GREG KELLY: Let's just say we all have regrets from college. OK?

KILMEADE (off screen): Oh, you do!

DOOCY: I have a few!

KELLY: Not necessarily protests but other incidents. (trying to start his report) Good morning, guys.

DOOCY: Streaking?

KELLY: No. No. Nothing - I didn't go to college in the sixties like you, Steve.

KILMEADE: Oh, my goodness! That's so wrong!

KELLY: Yeah. No. (Trying once more to start the report) Good morning ...

KILMEADE: What's with the attack? We're just havin' a conversation!

KELLY (clearly embarrassed): Oh, I'm just - uh - teasing - teasing,

HILL: He's gonna turn his back on us! I can feel it!

KILMEADE: Yeah! You know what? Let's not talk to him. Let's go!

KELLY (cannot see what they are doing): Oh, no.

KILMEADE: Let's go!

KELLY: I think I'm older than Steve anyway.

The three hosts stand up and turn their backs to the camera.

KELLY (starting his report, totally unaware that three people are standing with their backs turned to the camera): Good morning, guys. How are you? We're talking about the situation with the Palestinian elections and what to do about Hamas for this administration ...


Notice how Iron Butterfly E. D. Hill repeated over and over that these students were hiding from their parents, attributing motivations to them that clearly were not correct. She did not mention that at least six OTHER students stood in solidarity, faces uncovered for all to see.

As for the trio's whining that people could not see Gonzales through the protesters' banner, one wonders if some FOX dignitary was inconvenienced by their actions?

On Friday January 27, 2006 Jennie Pasquarella and Shonali Shome, both students at the Georgetown University Law Center, issued a statement about why they protested.

Our protest was not about partisan politics; leading politicians and constitutional scholars of all political stripes have recognized the administration's arguments for domestic spying as flimsy at best. Our silent protest was about choosing the Constitution and our country's ideals over wrongheaded political rhetoric and surrender to a culture of fear. As graduate law students, we know for certain that adherence to the law must not be a passing consideration. Our government cannot dismantle the law for the sake of unfettered discretion in advancing national security policies or cling in vain to weak legal justifications. As the next generation of America's lawyers, our job is to stand up for the rule of law, not the rule of men.

Gonzales claimed he was contributing to a vibrant discussion, but there was no discourse. He left the room immediately following his speech and did not take part in the panel discussion. Like the president, he has consistently refused to take questions, snubbed the myriad voices of dissent and manipulated the horrors of 9/11 for the sacrifice of our liberties.

This event was one among a series of other recent national events with the same agenda -- top administration officials speaking against an official backdrop chosen to legitimize a program that has brought them criticism. We could not allow our law school to be used as the legitimate backdrop for the administration's staged photo-op.

Read the entire statement at Alternet

So much for E. D. Hill's inane insistence that the protesters were trying to hide from their parents!

FOX & Friends is true propaganda cloaked in banter and jollity, designed to convey the message of the day from GOP Central nicely nicely delivered with sachharine and sneers.


I'd like to extend a special News Hound THANK YOU to reader David Truland, of FaithandPolicy Blog, who first alerted us to this story.

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