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Beckel Way to the Right Again

Reported by Judy - January 28, 2006

Bob Beckel was at it again on Saturday (January 28, 2006), this time leaning to the right on Fox News' "Cavuto on Business" show.

In her recent post, Ellen has recently noted how Beckel has been trying to get in good with the Fox folks by saying George Bush's wiretapping American citizens without warrants was not a big deal.

Beckel's latest was to advocate attacking Iran's nuclear facilities, saying tjhe U.S. has "a moral responsibility to take out these facilities." Jim Rogers, author of Hot Commodities, was appalled. "What would you say if the Iranians came here and blew up our nuclear facilities? What would you say?" Rogers asked. (Beckel joked his way out of it).

Beckel, a Democratic strategist and a regular on Fox, was making a rare appearance on Cavuto's Saturday show. But Democrats are far better represented by the regular Democrat on the show, Gregg Hymowitz, of Entrust Capital. Hymowitz does not hesitate to call host Neil Cavuto on his segments that lean over backwards to promote George Bush's agenda.

Hymowitz did so Saturday, when Cavuto began the show with the premise that drilling for oil in Alaska's national wildlife refuge would somehow solve the problem with Iran's nuclear facilities. "It's the one weapon America has to stop Iran right now. Some say it is drilling in Alaska's arctic wildlife refuge, making America less dependent on foreign oil," Cavuto said at the start of the show.

The Cavuto lackies Charles Payne of wallstreet.com and Bob Froehlich of Scudder Investments jumped on the pro-drilling bandwagon immediately. Hymowitz, however, failed to fall for Cavuto's sleight of hand and noted, "The answer to the question of whether it helps us with Iran is absolutely no." Hymowitz pointed out drilling in Alaska would produce too little oil to replace Iran's, would take too long to bring on line, and doesn't really address the problem of Iran's nuclear ambitions. "How does it help us with Iran? That's the question he asked," Hymowitz said as he tried to make the other panelists address the issue.

Throughout the discussion, Fox News displayed a banner at the bottom of the screen reading, "America's Trump Card with Iran: Drill for Oil in Alaska!" Did Murdoch just buy stock in companies that want to drill there or something?

Hymowitz showed again why he is superior to Beckel later in the show when Cavuto's question was whether stocks would go up after Bush's State of the Union message. Payne, of course, said the market would like what it hears from Bush and would go up. "Forget 11,000. The Dow's on its way to 12,000," he said.

"I think the state of the union address is a complete bust. I'm not sure what Charles is talking about, what the president has to say that's positive is beyond me. But you know what? The stock market doesn't care about that at all. ... The market trends higher. But it's not going to be related to anything the president has to say," Hymowitz said.

Then Hymowitz looked at Cavuto and asked, "What do you think about my prediction? Do you like that?"

Cavuto said, "Interesting."

Hymowitz's question made me wonder whether Fox is thinking of replacing him with Beckel. Hymowitz may be too independent for Fox. He rarely falls for Cavuto's contorted attempts to tie everything good that happens to Bush. Beckel, on the other hand, has been showing himself to be highly "flexible" in what he believes. He is definitely more of a Fox-style Democrat.

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