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Mad Dog Mancow Implies Israelis Entitled to Kill All Palestinians

Reported by Marie Therese - January 27, 2006

Erich "Mancow" Muller is a right-wing radio shock jock from Chicago, noted for his extreme hyperactivity, gross jokes, lewd behavior and insulting commentary. And, much to my chagrin, Mancow is a regular attraction on FOX News Channel's light-weight morning show, FOX & Friends.

We here in northern California know Mr. Muller as the narcissistic jerk who in 1993 tied up rush hour traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge while a colleague was given a hair cut, purportedly as a parody of a now-debunked story that how Bill Clinton tied up air traffic in Los Angeles while he got a Presidential hair cut. To the immense satisfaction of the Bay Area commuters whose lives he interrupted that morning, he was sentenced to three years probation, fined $500, and ordered by a Municipal Court judge to perform 100 hours of community service. The radio station eventually paid $1.5 million to settle a lawsuit filed by a bridge commuter.

Thursday morning [1-26-06] he made some completely outrageous comments about the elections in Palestine, ending with an enigmatic remark about Rod Blagojevich, the Democratic Governor of Illinois. Here is a transcript of his infantile and inflammatory exchange with F&F co-hosts Steve Doocy, Lauren Green and Brian Kilmeade.

MANCOW: So, so, so, guys, what would we do if all of a sudden the Canadians voted - you know, our neighbors, our beloved Canadian neighbors - what would we do if, all of a sudden, they just voted Al Qaeda to run their country? What would we do? We'd have to destroy them, wouldn't we? We'd have to - we'd have to kill all of 'em!

DOOCY: Because you're talking about the Palestinian territories, they have elected by a majority

MANCOW (yelling): It is - it is ...

DOOCY: Hamas, which is ...


DOOCY: ... which is pledged to destroy Israel.

MANCOW: Hah! Hah, I mean you know, I love how some people debate whether there's good and evil and I guess if you say it enough, it just gets watered down. I mean, Hamas is as evil as you can get. Would you - would you - would you allow the Nazis to set up a regime next to, next to Israel? This - this is - this gonna get really ugly. I think we got Eye-ran (Iran) pointing their nukes at us!

KILMEADE: Right. They had a million people show up.


KILMEADE: 78% of the people showed up to vote and, using the democratic principles, they put this terrorist group into power. Where do we do from here?!! The whole peace process is frozen!

MANCOW: Yeah. You know, I love everybody's attacking Israel for building a big fence, but it worked. They didn't have any crazies goin' in (sic) their kids' birthday parties and blowin' themselves up. It's gotta go. I mean, you know, and we sat and debated with Arafat, who, I believe, died of AIDS, but, I mean, I mean, that's just from stuff I've read on the internet and that's a lot of lies. But, but, listen, you know, here - here is - we debated with Arafat, the original terrorist, and now Hamas is runnin' that country. How much longer are we gonna kid around here?

DOOCY: You're right. It's a developing story out of Israel.

MANCOW: They voted in Hamas!!!

GREEN: And a very scary story.

MANCOW: And our governor, Charles Manson ...[Mancow's feed suddenly cut as music played]

KILMEADE (laughing): Governor Charles Manson!


Just exactly what Mancow meant by that last remark eludes me. As for his over-the-top comments about killing Canadians, they must have gone over really well north of the border! But most chilling was the implication of what he said, i.e., that the Israelis (and possibly the United States) would be well within their rights to kill every man, woman and child in Palestine simply because they didn't elect the people the United States and Israel wanted them to!

In my opinion, Mancow, although a bore and a boor, is also dangerous. His style seems abrasive, even by FOX's low standards. My question is, why would FOX News give this guy a piece of its action each week? Does anyone out there have any thoughts on this?

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