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John Gibson Frames Filibustering Democrats As Self Destructive Losers

Reported by Deborah - January 27, 2006

John Gibson was determined to make the Democrats planning to filibuster Alito look like losers. He even used his My Word segment to accuse progressive blogs, naming Buzzflash and Daily Kos, of pressuring Kerry to keep his word about a filibuster.Three segments were devoted to Gibson's wail that the move was "self destructive" for the Democratic Party. 1/27/06

During Gibsons My Word Segment he went after Buzzflash and Daily Kos calling them "deep, deep blue blogs" who have been "screeching for Kerry to keep his promise even if it's stupid, even if it is destined to fail." Of course he tried to make Buzzflash and Daily Kos readers seem like extremists describing them as "so lib they're out where the buses don't run."

Dick Durbin was on at the start of Big Story and the segment started with a clip of Scott McClellan snidely joking about Kerry calling the filibuster in from a luxury ski resort not mentioning that Kerry was there for an Economic Summit. Gibson asked Durbin why he would do it as if it was an insane idea. Durbin without hesitation stated that he wanted to be on the record for doing whatever was necessary to block an "historic shift" that would occur after Alito's confirmation.

Gibson claimed it would be self destructive because the American people are on Alito's side especially after seeing the Democrats make Mrs Alito cry during the hearings. He commented later that it was a futile effort indicating that there would be a list of Democrats who supported the filibuster. Durbin made it clear to Gibson that he had no regrets about voting against the use of force in Iraq and there are other Democrats who regret their votes of support. Durbin explained that it was about standing up for what you believe in.

George Allen, R. Va., appeared for the last segment. He was ready with his smart opening claiming that Kerry was wasting taxpayers money on phone charges from the Alps. Gibson asked him why Durbin would want to do such a thing. Allen claimed that he was trying to raise funds from his far left base. Gibson pressed Allen to tell him what would happen to the Democrats involved in the filibuster and Allen responded with a thinly veiled threat commenting that Tom Daschle is now a former Senator.

comment: Gibson, FOX and the GOP know that when Democrats define themselves as the party who stands up for true American values , they will win over the voters. This filibuster is the defining moment and the Republicans are not happy.

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