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Ambassador Ross Doesn't Heart Hamas

Reported by Janie - January 27, 2006

Former Ambassador Dennis Ross appeared on Dayside yesterday to discuss the Palestinian election of Hamas, and his opinion of how the United States should deal with the political party.

Dennis Ross was an Ambassador under President Clinton, but was also closely associated with the neo-con foreign policy agenda under Ronald Reagan and worked with the likes of Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Zalmay Khalizad, and my personal favorite, Alan Keyes, helping make foreign policy decisions.

Ross said during the interview, "The reality is that Hamas is the one that has to change, we shouldn't change, the world shouldn't change. If Hamas is going to adjust it has to realize that if it wants to be able to govern and it needs the outside world , the outside world is not going to be there for Hamas, unless Hamas makes it clear that it's prepared to accept co-existence, it's prepared to accept peace, it's prepared to accept Israel has a right to exist, and it's prepared to accept violence isn't the answer, and that all problems have to be resolved peacefully. If it can't do that, then it's not that it just can't be a partner in peace, because it doesn't believe in it, it can't be a partner for us, and we shouldn't deal with, and we should try to get the outside world not to deal with it."

President Bush for the last few years has been touting how the United States wants to promote Democracy throughout the Middle Eastern world, even going to war to supposedly bring democracy to the Iraqi people. While I do not agree with anything Hamas stands for, they were democratically elected by the people of Palestine, and I can assure you, they did not run on a platform of enduring peace with Israel.

If the United States is to do as Ross suggests, our battle of "winning the hearts and minds" of those in the Middle East will be thoroughly finished. Not only will they see that we only support Israel (one of the problems the Middle East has with America in the first place), they will be aware of the fact that when we say "democracy", what we actually mean is only governments that support the United States and Israel, and that we do not remotely care about the wants of the people. The message that Ross' proposal would send to the Middle Eastern world is that we merely "talk the talk", and in the end could result in a complete failure of our stated Middle Eastern policy, possibly even creating more terrorists that wish to do us harm.

Comment: As I said, I do not support Hamas in anyway, but both sides need to be analyzed, because it appears the United States has been placed in the middle of a "lose-lose" situation.

Ross finished the interview with making this statement in regards to Palestinian democracy: "One election does not produce democracy."

I suppose three does?

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