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Sean Hannity and Republican Bob Dornan Offer Advice For Democrats. Only A FOX News Democrat Would Ask For More.

Reported by Ellen - January 26, 2006

Sean Hannity and Republican former Congressman Bob Dornan found a new twist on some old smears by pretending that they were giving Democrats some advice out of the goodness of their hearts. Bob Beckel, substituting for Alan Colmes, listened to their tirades and, with a straight face, asked for more.

It was supposed to be a discussion about LA Times Columnist Joel Stein’s controversial column Wusses and Warriors, in which he said he doesn’t support the troops. Comment: But if you take the time to read the column, which Beckel apparently did not, it’s pretty clear that Stein is really saying that instead of platitudes and magnets, he wants the troops to be supported by coming home safely, and getting the medical and other care that they need. But somehow the discussion – as do almost all that involve Hannity – turned into a Democrat bash-fest, disguised as a session of tough love.

Hannity started by saying that Stein has the right to say whatever he wants but “I do believe that he’s very representative of a very fringe element on the left that is now becoming mainstream in the Democratic Party. Is that an accurate description?”

Dornan answered, “Absolutely. It’s tearing the party apart.”

“Here’s what I see. You have John Kerry saying our troops are terrorizing women and children in the dark of night. Dean saying we’re not going to win. You see this extreme element that Hillary is appealing to now… I’m looking at a party, I believe, that is devoid of substance, devoid of ideas, not winning elections and is now beholden to the hard left.”

Dornan agreed. “Absolutely. Well stated… All these Democrats are making speeches to serve their radical base. Here’s what’s gonna tear the party apart further and it’s tearing our country apart… What if Bush succeeds? What if the horrible terror starts to diminish in Iraq and we have a democracy in Mesopotamia in the middle of the Middle East? What, is your party gonna have to thrive on defeat and horror and more terror?”

I have spent a lot of blog time criticizing Bob Beckel, but after two days of Susan Estrich in the co-host seat, he never looked so good.

But he could have looked better. Rather than confront Dornan on his horrible slurs or ask why Republicans don’t criticize some of THEIR fringe (Ann Coulter leaps immediately to mind), Beckel dithered. “Let me make a point here… There are 245 elected Democrats in the House and the Senate. Of those, about 8 or 9 have said some things that frankly are not helpful, like what this LA Times columnist has said. Now, I’m sitting on this show tonight as a Democrat, a long-time Democrat, and this guy has given Sean Hannity all the ammunition he needs to beat me up, to beat up Democrats, OK. But the fact is, the majority of Democrats do not believe this stuff. And yet we get painted with that. Do you think it’s impossible to get out from underneath that? I’m asking for your advice.”

Did Beckel really think Dornan was going to give him any advice he could use? Or was Beckel playing softball in order to pander to his FOX News colleagues?

Dornan’s advice was predictable. Democrats should be more like Republicans. “The silence of the good Democrats is killing their party. They’ve got to step forward… Prove that the 9 are on the fringe. Don’t leave Joe Lieberman out there twisting in the wind… You don’t even have 18 good Democrats speaking out.”

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