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John Gibson says "call out the troops" on Mexican pot smugglers

Reported by Chrish - January 26, 2006

Usually it's when I'm reading Melanie's Cavuto posts - take your pick - that I find myself saying "oh for crying out loud!" Today 1/26/06 on The Big Story there was such a moment as Gibson suggested to Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson that we should have military intervention at the Mexican border.

Gibson said that Mexican troops were caught crossing the border into the US five times in the past three months, according to the DHS. This report comes the day after Mexico denied, well, these pictures which seem to show men in Mexican uniforms smuggling pot across the border into Texas.

Introducing Hutchinson, he said that he had described these border-crossings as "unauthorized trips across the border" and asks if they should be characterized as "military incursions, little invasions?" KBH, to her credit, took a calmer look and said that it's not yet been proven that these were definitely military personnel; they could have stolen the uniforms, Under her rational take on the situation FOX ran the inflammatory banner "How should Feds handle Mexican military incursions?"

Gibson wants to know if KBH is trying to persuade DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff to take the situation more seriously; he has called them routine, accidental incursions. She does see it as a crisis and supports "bold action."

Gibson asks "There's a whole bunch of pot smugglers in street clothes, and then there's these guys in military uniform. Why shouldn't we believe those are corrupt Mexican military on loan or working for the dope smugglers...why should anybody believe those are not Mexican military units - operated btw on US dollars, American money - sent there to help them patrol the border...why shouldn't we believe that is the Mexican military?"

KBH says they could be military, which would be real corruption, or the uniforms could be stolen, or they could be former military bought by the drug dealers. She says it's a horrible situation and getting worse, with increasing shootings and lawlessness. Gibson wants to bring doen the iron fist: "Should we have a military response to this?"

KBH says she thinks we should have a firm response of armed agents; we have a border patrol and we need to put them down there (Comment: Where are they now? !?) The people who were recently caught were 200 yeards inside American borders!

Gibson says, I know - call out the troops! and ends the segment.

Comment: Oh for crying out loud. Is the answer to every problem violence and overpowering? If so, we have failed as world leaders. The ridiculous war on Christmas behind him, Gibson needs another target for his frustration. Kill the pot-smokers!

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