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Fox Wonders Whether Hamas's Victory is a "Positive Development"

Reported by Melanie - January 26, 2006

Why in the world would Fox News, yes, Fox News - the terror network extraordinaire - suggest that Hamas's victory in Palestine might "improve the chances for peace" and be a "positive development"? Why wouldn't Fox pounce on this news and use it to push for renewal of the Patriot Act, advocate for domestic spying, and stoke the fires of war on Iran and Syria (Cavuto's theme as recently as yesterday)? As Cavuto said during today's show: "What is going on here?"

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, L. Paul Bremer, were Cavuto's first guests today (January 26, 2006). They were both very, very concerned about Hamas's victory. Next came Oliver North (an outstanding line-up of "fair and balanced" guests, huh?) who also was concerned but the title of his segment - as reflected in the chyron at the bottom of the screen - was, "Could the Hamas Victory Improve Chances for Peace?"

Several minutes later, heading to an ad break with video of Hamas supporters on the screen, Cavuto gave this teaser:

Well. A victory for Hamas, as we've been saying, and a huge victory on Wall Street today. Did you see the big gains today? What is going on here? Is the market trying to send a message that this is not going to cause a blood bath and maybe will be a positive development?

After the break, Fox aired a graphic showing the closing number on the Dow - up 99.73 - and Cavuto said this:

So, are the markets trying to tell us that Hamas in power might actually not be the disaster some are thinking for Mideast peace?

Cavuto then introduced three guests who participated in a round table discussion about the day's activities on Wall Street. None of them thought what the rise in the Dow had anything to do with Hamas. They all agreed Wall Street is focused on earnings, but the idea that Hamas's victory might be a "positive development" was out there nonetheless.

Comment: Is Fox desperate to float the notion that the economy is unshakeable? Well, yes, but is that what's going on here? Is it afraid that Bush might be seen as an ineffective leader for having "let" this happen? Is Fox, like the Bush administration, caught in a Catch-22 and unsure how to spin this since Hamas was democratically elected? It is extremely uncharacteristic for Fox to treat a subject like this that has so much potential for exploitation, so much red meat to it, in such a blithe way. I guess we'll have to see how it unfolds. After all, since when does Fox rush to stress that peace might be at hand?

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