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Rumsfeld Disputes 2 Reports That The U.S. Army Is In Trouble

Reported by Donna - January 25, 2006

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith it was revealed that two reports had come out about the U.S. Armed Forces being in trouble, being stretched too thin. Donald Rumsfeld disagreed with both. One can understand him reacting this way to the one report that was commissioned by Democrats but why would he dispute the report that was commissioned by his own Pentagon?

I was unable to get a copy of the report by the Democrats but the one from the Pentagon says that the armed forces of the U.S. has become a 'thin green line' and concluded that 'the Army cannot sustain the pace of troop deployments to Iraq long enough to break the back of the insurgency.'

This story was brought up twice on Studio B and on the first segment Donald Rumsfeld said that both reports were "wrong." He went on to add that the armed forces were "battled hardened." (Comment: Yes, I guess so when many are on their second deployment and some are on their third deployment)

On the second segment later on in the program, Smith spoke with Retired General Donald, a military analyst for Fox News, who said that it was true that many of the troops were on their 2nd and 3rd deployments and the equipment was old and needed replaced but he didn't think that the armed forces were broken. He went on to say that the insurgency will outlast the U.S. Army but we would gradually be giving up power to the Iraqi Army who would deal with it.

Comments: So, the hope is that we can get the Iraqi Security Forces to take over because it is apparent that the insurgency is going to outlast the U.S.Army? What got me about this report was that Rumsfeld heads up the Pentagon, the report was commissioned by the Pentagon, and he is disputing the report?

The Democratic commissioned report seems to confirm what the Pentagon report says, that the army is stretched too thin, we can't keep up with the constant deployments and we can't outlast the insurgency.

Isn't this what the Democrats have been saying all along? Isn't this what John Murtha said? Of course we had Rumsfeld's words and the empathy of the Fox Military Analyst, but where was the fair and balanced? Why didn't Fox speak to the Democrats who commissioned their report?

Nope. We're just going to have to take Fox's and Rumsfeld's words on this one, the army is fine. Right.

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