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Pakistani Protests Over Use of Technology, Not Civilian Deaths

Reported by Janie - January 25, 2006

Mike Jerrick, co-host of Dayside, attempted to steer his audience away from the truth on yesterday's show by telling the viewers the motivation behind recent Pakistani protests against America is the use of technology, rather than the killing of innocent civilians.

During a segment analyzing Osama Bin Laden's most recent tape, Jerrick said, "They're having protests, of course, because a lot of people in Pakistan, citizens there don't want us using this high technolgy, or any technology to start making air strikes like that."

On January 13th the United States, once again following incorrect intelligence, commissioned an air strike on a Pakistani village where they believed Al Qaeda number 2, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, to be attending a dinner. While in the process of targeting top Al Qaeda officials, 13 civilians were killed and it is still unclear as to whether any members of Al Qaeda were actually hurt in the strike.

The protests, which have been occurring since the air strike, have been increasing in intensity and efforts were made this week in an attempt to curb them. The Pakistanis have gathered in the area of the strike and can be heard chanting the usual slogans such as "Death to America", while the U.S. has declined to comment or apologize which has continued to fuel the anti-American sentiments.

The protests are not in response to the technology used, they are in response to the deaths of 13 innocent civilians and the fact that, for the moment, it appears no actual members of Al Qaeda were killed.

Jerrick attempted to muddy the waters of the debate, by taking the focus away from the civilians that were killed, because on Fox, if America commits atrocities in the name of the War on Terror using false intelligence, it is justified even if no one involved in any terrorist activities are hurt and innocent civilians are killed. In his obvious diversion, he attempts to make the Pakistanis appear as though they are against technology itself, slurring the good people that have consistently been our ally in the War on Terror.

The Dayside viewers once again left with "false intelligence", as the truth was blatantly disregarded in this segment.

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