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George Galloway in FOX's crosshairs; innuendo abounds

Reported by Chrish - January 25, 2006

Eric Shawn reported on The Big Story today 1/25/06 about the "Uday and George Galloway" story. Delivered in high-excitement tabloid style, Shawn used the opportunity to mock Galloway for his recent antics on a British TV "reality" show .

Introducing the segment Gibson said Galloway is seen "supporting" Uday Hussein, Saddam's now-deceaased son, as video creditied to the Sun newspaper (not identified as another News Corp. holding) rolled across the screen. Describing Galloway as a "firebrand, a far-left, blustery politician" Senior Correspondent Shawn said that Galloway was accused of "being paid off" with oil money from Saddam Hussein in exchange for his support "all those years". He fails to report that today the British Court of Appeal upheld his libel win against The Daily Telegraph, which had reported him as "in the pay of" Saddam Hussein. The Big Story is that video surfaced of Galloway meeting with Uday Hussein in 1999.

Shawn gives select details of Galloway's supposed relationship with both Saddam and Uday Hussein, using snippets of video to illustrate the close relationship he alleges. It is noted that the video was unearthed by The Sun, and again the relationship is not disclosed. Shawn pretends to make a case against Galloway, saying Hussein funneled money into a charity favored by Galloway and airing a clip of Galloway saying to Uday 'we are with you 'til the end." Taken as it is out of context it could mean anything.

Uday, it is noted, is blamed for killing thousands of Iraqis and torturing Olympic athletes. Galloway's association / photo with him is proof for Shawn that he was involved in something nefarious. At US hearings in May 2005 Galloway denied wrongdoing, but the Chairman of the Senate committee, Norm Coleman (R-MN) said then that Galloway was being investigated by British authorities. (Comment: Tom DeLay and Karl Rove, to name but two of many, are being investigated by US authorities, but Fox is willing to give them the benfit of the doubt.)

Shawn said "Today Senator Coleman said the tape shows Galloway shaking hands with the, quote, epicenter of terror and, said Coleman, is proof that Galloway did not tell the truth."

Video of Coleman: "...simply a visual representation of the, uh, how do I say this, the lack of character, and the lack of credibility, the lack of truthfulness, that George Galloway presented" to the committee. Shawn ended the piece saying "So, Galloway under investigation, says Coleman, in Britain."


Oops! Wrong epicenter of terror. Never mind.

Comment: Shawn reiterated the relevant talking point at the very end: Galloway is under investigation (so he must be guilty, and look, we have pictures of him and a bad guy as proof.)

Once those pictures of Bush and Abramoff are made public, will that be proof of Bush's lack of character and truthfulness? The White House seems to think so as they scramble to keep them hidden.

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