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Megyn Kendall smooth on Alito confirmation talking points

Reported by Chrish - January 24, 2006

When John Gibson first introduced the segment on The Big Story today 1/23 06, Megyn Kendall said it was "no big surprise" that the vote on the Judicial Committee was split down party lines, red versus blue. She glossed right over the issue of his tendency to support a more powerful executive branch, something which could unite conservatives and liberals against his nomination, and went to a clip dealing with abortion rights, the surest way to inflame the rad-rights.

Noting that Alito received three fewer votes from Democrats than John Roberts did, she said "Democrats justified that by saying Alito has extreme views on executive power and is too anti-little guy. As you might imagine, there was considerable focus on how he might rule on abortion rights." They went to video of Senator Dianne Feinstein saying that anyone who is pro-choice can not vote for Alito's confirmation. Lindsey Graham then said (and with a straight face!) that he's worried that the Supreme Court nominating process is going to become boiled down to the single issue of abortion.

Alito, according to Kendall, spent the day "gladhanding with Republican Senators on Capitol Hill". Democrats are "urging one another" to vote against Alito, saying he is too far out of the mainstream.

Speaking of the partisan nature of the vote, Kendall only voiced one side of the criticisms: "Republicans decried the party-line committee vote, saying the real reason Democrats object to Alito is that as a Supreme Court Justice he won't push through the Democrats' liberal agenda." This was shored up by a clip of Senator Cornyn (R-TX) saying that

"There are some people who have views that can't prevail at the ballot box so the only way that they can get their views as part of the law of the land is to circumvent the democratic process and to pack the courts with like-minded judges.

(Comment: Can you say stolen elections? It's a Twilight Zone moment.)

Kendall notes that debate begins tomorrow and a vote by the full Senate could happen Friday or Tuesday and so far, only one Democrat, Ben Nelson , has said he will vote for Alito. Gibson brings up a Democrat governor who said today that Alito's a swell guy, and Bush gets to have his pick, as did Clinton, and he seems to be rebuking the Senators that are rejecting Alito. It was an opening for Kendall to say "He stands alone among his Democratic comrades, John. " She went on to say that Democrats want to stand together so that if he does turn out to be an anti-Roe vote they will not have to claim responsibility for him. Then she said this (see if you can spot the journalism error):

"That's not to say he'll get no Democrats voting for him. We only have Ben Nelson so far but we're hearing that from five to ten might end up supporting him. Personally I'd be surprised if he got over 60 votes total."

Comment: While reproductive rights are indeed on the line, what has slipped under the radar until recently is the very concerning fact that this judge supports corporations and executive power as opposed to individual rights and personal privacy. The religious right may get their wish and see Roe overturned, but at what cost? Apparently they don't love America as is and want to see it transformed into something more like a theocracy, maybe a "benign" dictatorship. I'm having irony overload and it's making me sick

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