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America’s Safety Is Priority #2 For Sean Hannity

Reported by Ellen - January 21, 2006

One day after the bin Laden videotape was released, Sean Hannity finally got around to discussing homeland security, rather than using it as an opportunity to smear his political adversaries as terrorists, as he did the night before. However, while it was nice to see him actually considering the country as a whole, instead of just the part that he likes, he made it clear that even in the face of a terrorist threat, partisanship is very much in the forefront of his mind.

The guest was Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security. Generally, the discussion was relevant and important: Alan Colmes asked some excellent questions: Why, after four years, “is (bin Laden) still out there… still threatening the United States?” Did the US miss opportunities to get bin Laden at Tora Bora, as alleged by former CIA Field Commander Gary Berntsen (and our advertiser), and because we have put our resources “elsewhere?” Chertoff’s answers: Bin Laden is in a large area populated by people willing to protect him but the US is doing a heckuva job because “we have really put pressure on the leadership of this organization. We have killed a significant number of the leaders.”

Comment: We have gotten the number two and number three Al Qaeda member so many times that I suspect nobody is accepting a promotion past number five.

But Hannity made it pretty clear that partisanship, not pulling the country together during a time of threat, was still in the front of his mind. After establishing that the tape is deemed authentic by DHS, and that another attack is likely to occur (though Chertoff just happened to stress several times the importance of intelligence gathering), Hannity put on his sincere squint and asked, “Mr. Secretary, were you as perhaps surprised as I was (Hannity tapped his heart, a gesture that one of our readers thinks is a tell) at the – the high level of awareness that (bin Laden) had in his references to the American political scene – referencing the attacks on the opposition party towards the president who’s leading the war, paying attention to polls? He even used, basically, the same phrases, played on the fears of the American people.”

This is quite similar to the language Hannity used the previous night right before he started accusing Democrats of sounding like bin Laden and blaming them for making the country more vulnerable. Fortunately, Chertoff didn’t go there. He called bin Laden “very media savvy,” and added, “this is really a form of propaganda.” Hannity, of course, didn't argue but I suspect that Democrats will be the main target of his war on terror again before long.

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