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A New Tape Of Osama Bin Laden Threatening America Turns Up And All Sean Hannity Can Think About Is Attacking Democrats.

Reported by Ellen - January 20, 2006

Once again FOX News put partisanship over patriotism last night (1/19/06) on Hannity & Colmes. In the face of new threats to the country from Osama Bin Laden, Sean Hannity cared not a fig about whether George Bush is doing a good job with the War on Terror, how seriously regular Americans should take the threat, what kinds of attacks might be likely or what can or should be done to protect the country. No, the salient thought in Hannity’s mind was how much he could blame Democrats. Rather than pull together in a time of war, Hannity tried to paint fellow Americans as the real enemy.

Hannity’s soul-mate in hate-mongering was FOX News contributor Newt Gingrich. Alan Colmes asked Gingrich if the tape wasn’t proof that Bush took his eye off the ball by invading Iraq instead of focusing on bin Laden. Gingrich dodged the questions by saying Northern Pakistan is “a very difficult area.”

Hannity, however, started off by attacking his fellow Americans and he never stopped. “It’s amazing, you know, the tape comes out today and liberals want to tie this to the war in Iraq as a means of having not gotten him. And the best opportunity we did have is when Sudan offered Bin Laden to America to Clinton and we passed on it.” In fact, this is one of Hannity’s favorite lies, as Media Matters has noted, and it’s one that he has been telling since at least June, 2004. As Media Matters explains, this falsehood seems to have arisen out of a distortion of what Clinton said in a 2002 speech. (transcript and audio of the speech is available on their site.) The 9/11 Commission found “no reliable evidence” to support this claim, Lanny J. Davis, Clinton’s former special counsel, told Hannity it’s a lie, and Clinton has categorically denied it. But Hannity persists in repeating it.

Hannity continued, “Mr. Speaker, I guess the most revealing thing I see in this tape is just how aware (bin Laden) is of all of the politics going on in the United States, all of the criticisms that have been thrown George Bush’s way… Did you find that interesting?”

Gingrich said that it was “very similar” to the North Vietnamese attitude where they “cued off of people like Walter Cronkite saying we should leave Viet Nam. And they actually didn’t worry much about battlefield results. They thought the most important battlefield was the American political system and the anti-war movement... I think it’s quite clear… that bin Laden and his lieutenants are monitoring the American news media, they’re monitoring public opinion polling and I suspect they take a great deal of comfort when they see people attacking United States policies. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be a free society and have open debate. But we should recognize when some of our politicians use very extreme language or some of our celebrities… the enemy does, in fact, take great comfort from that.”

Comment: Do these people really think that the enemy only takes comfort in criticisms of George Bush but not the daily diet of attacks against Democrats (representing approximately half the country) from the likes of Hannity, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly and Michelle Malkin?

Hannity, putting on his bully-boy squint, pointed his pen in the air and tried to make the Democrats look like terrorists. “It’s more than that. I think it’s also the leaders in the Democratic Party that from the very beginning have undermined this war. If I were to give you a quiz, Mr. Speaker, and if I would say to you, you know, was it Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha who said 'George Bush gives continuous deliberate misinformation, polls reveal that we want to withdraw from Iraq,' you would have guessed any of those. Well, it was bin Laden who said that.”

Hannity continued, “When bin Laden said the war has resulted in hundreds of billions going to influential people – well, Ted Kennedy in the Bush campaign – Ted Kennedy said that the only reason George Bush went to war is for political benefit.”

Gingrich suggested that Hannity string together 20 quotes from American politicians (meaning Democratic politicians, I’m sure) and said that they would match anything Bin Laden said.

Comment: I’ll bet none of Ann Coulter’s quotes would be included.

Gingrich said, “There’s no question that the difference between reasoned debate and slandering the United States – when Dick Durbin, for example, compared the United States to Stalin’s Russia, to the Pol Pot’s massacres in Cambodia, to Nazi Germany - there’s no question that kind of language by a leading senator weakens America in the world. It’s picked up and quoted by our enemies and shows up all around the world in news reports. It becomes a way of saying, ‘Look, even Americans say this about their own country.’”

Tell FOX News that at a time of war, it's unpatriotic to attack the half of America that votes Democrat. Bin Laden is just as likely to be taking comfort from Hannity's attacks as from any criticism of Bush.




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