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Another Warning To American Senators And Congress - Be Careful With The Words You Use To Attack Administration

Reported by Donna - January 19, 2006

Today on Studio B they had Bob Sellers substituting for Shepard Smith and he toed the Republican right-wing line much better than Shepard ever does. He spoke with frequent guest, former CIA operative, Wayne Simmons. Simmons has been discussed many times here at News Hounds and I invite you to search his name on our search box and you'll find many interesting stories about the gung-ho Mr. Simmons.

The discussion today was about Osama Bin Laden's latest tape and Simmons likes to hear himself talk so much that in a discussion about the timing of the tape he said that Al Qaeda keeps these tapes on a shelf and releases them when necessary.

The following is my partial transcript between Bob Sellers and Wayne Simmons. It's paraphrased, but pretty much verbatim.

Bob Sellers: For more on the timing of the tape I'm joined by former CIA operative, Wayne Simmons. What do you think of the timing of these tapes, first of all?

Wayne Simmons: The timing of the tapes is never coincidental, this is by design. I would suggest to you that what has happened here is that I've been talking all along, (that) someone inside the the village feeding intel out back to the United States because the...the...way by which we were able to develop that intel and call in that strike is so phenomenal. (Comment: What is he talking about? The strike on Pakistan? He was asked about the timing of the Osama Bin Laden tape)

The only reason this tape is coming out now is Bin Laden is going to try and shore up his support and I would bet you that had Al Zawahari been there and all of those guys had been wiped out, Bin Laden would, you know, completely been decimated. That's what the timing is about, Bob.

BS: Now, it may have been released in December, we don't know for sure but Al Jazeera may have gotten it in Deecember. So, their may have been a delay, but that may be indcations that even then he was feeling the heat.

WS: I can guarantee (Comment: I swear this is one of his favorite sayings) you he's been feeling the heat. They've all been feeling the heat. These outstanding men and women of (the) military intelligence, CIA, have spent the last 2 years, 3 years, developing their methods of communication, methods of operations and rebuilding their humit. And many of us have said for the last two years to be patient, stay vigilent and we will rebuild the humit and when we do these types of things will happen. And, I can assure you (Comment: Another favorite saying) that's exactly what is starting to take place.

BS: What do you think he's (Osama Bin Laden) saying to his own people?

WS: Listen, I think we should not disregard it, meaning Amerians should not disregard the tape. There is value there somewhere that someone very smart will gleem from that tape. (Comment: I guess he's leaving himself out of that one) Again, the only reason I see this tape being released is because it was important for those survivors of Al Qaeda (Comment: Oh, they're called 'survivors' now?) to see that Osama Bin Laden the firgurehead, is still alive.

I can guarantee you (Comment: There he goes again) that the support inside, the groups that do support Al Aqeda must be waning and must be starting to get a little weak or they wouldn't have come out with this tape. They probably have a lot of these tapes on the shelf ready to bring them out when they need them. (Comment: He totally forgot the earlier conversation that said the tape could have come out either this month or in December, Al Jazeera just released it now)

BS: Oh, think so, huh? Well, this is fairly fresh in that he talked about some things that went on in December, especially about some public opinion polls which by the way, if he really read the politics of America better, he would know there'd be a lot of pressure in an election year to get troops out of Iraq. And now this kind of thing might actually have the opposite effect.

WS: Well, that's a very good point, Bob, and while we're on that subjet that's why I have also expoused over and over and over that the American politicians, Congress and Senators need to be very, very careful about the words they choose to attack the administration because the machine on the other side, our enemy, like Osama Bin Laden and the rest of the terrorists around the world are watching and listening to use those words against us. (My emphasis, though he emphasized very, very)

BS: Yeah, and you know what's also interesting is he talks about Afghanistan in Iraq. He kind of defined the battleground for them when it used to be the world.

WS: Yeah, listen, we are sqeezing them. I'm not here to say that this is won by any means but this is very encourageing. Again, stay vigilent, continue to have TSA and Homeland Security do their job, FBI, outstanding. We are going to continue to tear these walls down and eradicate a lot of these animals.

Comments: I'm sorry, but do you feel like you're in the armed forces now? I feel like we all just got yelled at by the commanding officer. He expouses and continues to expouse on how well we are doing and how we're eradicating animals and everything and doesn't give one shred of evidence. He totally ignores that the tape talks about events that happened in December and says that Al Qaeda just keeps these tapes on the shelf and pulls them out when they need one.

But, practically threatening our Congress and our Senate to be careful about the words they choose to attack this administration is going a little too far.

This is the United States of America, Mr. Simmons, and many men and women have fought for our right to freedom of speech, of which you obviously benefit from, and you must allow our Congress and Senate to benefit from also.

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