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Kiss The Constitution Good-bye! Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) Announces His Support For Alito

Reported by Ellen - January 18, 2006 -

In a Hannity & Colmes exclusive, Senator Ben Nelson announced last night (1/17/06) he will vote to confirm Judge Alito to the Supreme Court.

Alan Colmes sounded as though he were working to keep the disappointment out of his voice when he asked Nelson, “What assures you that (Alito) would be a good Supreme Court Justice?”

Nelson answered, “Because of his accomplished judicial career. Secondly, because of the strong recommendation of the American Bar Association. Finally, because of his commitment not to become a judicial activist and not to take a personal or political agenda to the bench.”

Colmes asked if Nelson had any concerns that Alito “has most often taken the side of government, of big business, not been a champion of individual liberties, questioned use of the 14th Amendment – said it should be used under extreme circumstances. Does any of this concern you?”

Short answer: No, Nelson has no concerns because Alito has assured him he won’t be a “judicial activist.” Nelson said, “People are going to disagree with decisions on cases up and down the line... But what I am most interested in, is not having him go to the bench and try to make the law, rather than apply the law.” And no concern about how Alito might interpret the law.

Nelson also said he thinks there will not be a filibuster.