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In Honor Of Martin Luther King, Sean Hannity Attacks Another African-American

Reported by Ellen - January 18, 2006

Yesterday I reported how Sean Hannity ignored Martin Luther King Day Monday night on Hannity & Colmes and attacked one of King’s closest friends and confidantes, Harry Belafonte, on the same day. Last night, Hannity finally recognized the holiday (albeit one day late) but he used it not to commemorate anything Dr. King stood for, but to complain about the alleged black-against-white racism of Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans.

Nagin has long been one of Hannity’s favorite scapegoats, probably because Nagin had the nerve to be mayor of a city that made Bush look bad. Night after night last fall, Hannity blamed Nagin and his fellow Louisiana Democrat, Governor Blanco, for the Katrina failures without once considering the mistakes of the federal government. But last night, Hannity’s criticised Nagin for saying that New Orleans should be a “chocolate city.” Hannity used the fact that Nagin spoke on Martin Luther King Day as another way to attack him.

Hannity opened the discussion by saying that Nagin “commemorated Martin Luther King Day by declaring that Hurricane Katrina was a sign that God is mad at America and he had this to say about rebuilding (New Orleans).” Then he played a clip of Nagin saying that New Orleans was a “chocolate city” before Katrina hit and that it should be one after. Nagin said, “It’s white and black working together, coming together and making something special.”

The “FOX FACTS” on the screen said that "Mayor Nagin apologized today for his controversial remarks." But that wasn’t enough for Hannity. He discounted the apology by calling it, “kinda, sorta.”

The guest, “civil rights activist Lawrence Guyot,” said that Nagin’s remark was really about the right of New Orleans’ registered voters to vote absentee. But Hannity showed no interest in that issue, only the fact that whites may have been the victim of racism.

“He said it should be a chocolate city, a majority African-American city. How do you say this on the day that Martin Luther King tells us we ought to judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin? …How do you say but I want a chocolate, African-American city? How do you say that?”

Alan Colmes said “Here’s the point. You know, New Orleans was a 68% African-American city prior to Katrina. All he’s saying is, we’re going to keep the ethnographic make up as it was.”

When ending the discussion, Hannity threw in, “and I’m sure if Trent Lott talked about a vanilla city or Bill Bennett talked about a vanilla city, I’m sure EVERYBODY would just ignore it and it wouldn’t be a big deal.”

Comment: In fact, Bennett’s recent racist remarks were no big deal to Hannity. And Bennett never apologized but blamed others for supposedly misinterpreting. So who really has the double standard?

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