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Fox: Still Trying to Punish the Rolling Stones for Writing "Sweet Neocon"

Reported by Melanie - January 18, 2006

On August 9, 2005, Fox aired a segment attacking the Rolling Stones for writing a song called "Sweet Neocon" which Fox claimed was critical of George Bush. Yesterday (January 17, 2006), almost six months later and still looking for revenge, Fox lunged at the bad boy Stones again.

Your World's Neil Cavuto opened a segment on his "business news" program with this introduction:

With over 30 years in the music business, including 20 with the legendary Rolling Stones, my next guest has a few stories to tell. From rock'n roll nights on stage to tending his treasured pine forest plantation by day, no one can say that Chuck Leavell isn't versatile. Chuck is the keyboardist and musical director of the Rolling Stones but he makes his big money with that pine plantation of his and he joins us right now.

Cavuto began questioning Leavell: "Everything I read about you says you're one of the nicest guys. We're gonna test that." The "be all, end all, isn't being on tour, is it?"

"Trees and keys," Leavell said. I have a "forest plantation back in central Georgia, my wife Rose Lane and I." We have "2200 acres" and "that's our other life."

Cavuto: "You are such a nice guy -- all the humanitarian work you do. All you do to save our forests...to look after Mother Nature. You know, I was thinking of the Stones and I was thinking of the controversy some months back with Sweet Neocon, that was the controversial song out of Mick Jagger." Cavuto, as always, playing the duh-just-wondering game asked, "Can you tell me who the heck he was talking about?"

A graphic with these words from Sweet Neocon filled the screen:

You call yourself a Christian
I think that you're a hypocrite
You say you are a patriot
I think that you're a crock of s---.

Leavell, a man who appeared to have been mislead by Fox's bookers as to what the topic of discussion would be, said, "Oh, man! You'd have to ask Mick and Keith about that. I don't even play on the track man, so, you know..."

Cavuto, interrupting: "Yeah, I'm thinking he's talking about President Bush."

Leavell: "Oh, man. I would not have a clue..."

Cavuto, his voice raised, interrupted again: "Sure you would!"

Leavell: "No. No..."

Can't-Get-No-Satisfaction-Cavuto, failing in his attempt to show that Leavell isn't such a nice guy after all, said: "Come on!"

Leavell: "No. No..."

Cavuto, interrupting: "You guys never discuss politics?"

Leavell: " I'm just the piano player..."

The frustrated Cavuto interrupted yet again, this time repeating an earlier question: "A gentleman to the end. So, my thought is that he was talking about the President. Maybe Condoleezza Rice. He doesn't like conservatives. He doesn't like the conservative administration, no?"

Leavell: "Oh, man. Again, you're going to have to talk to Mick and Keith about all that good stuff..."

Cavuto, apparently realizing Leavell would not, or could not, take the bait, interrupted one last time: "So, you guys never yap about that kinda stuff?"

Leavell: "Not really." We're "there to play rock and roll music man and of course this is a great platform for me to be able to talk about family forestry and all the wonderful things that go on in the world of family."

Comment: Hopefully Chuck Leavell learned that Fox isn't accustomed to giving people a "great platform" to talk about things like "family forestry" or "all the wonderful things that go on in the world of family" (unless you're James Dobson, that is). Fox has its own agenda and Tuesday, during this segment, Fox wanted to confirm that the liberal Rolling Stones did write those awful (shocking, just shocking) words with Bush in mind, which, according to Fox of course, is against the rules!

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