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Another example of FOX News’ Fairness and Balance: A Discussion of a Lawsuit from One Side Only

Reported by Ellen - January 16, 2006 -

Friday night’s (1/13/06) Hannity & Colmes included a discussion of a Christian high school’s lawsuit against the University of California for not giving credit for some courses with a Christian perspective. FOX News never seems to miss an opportunity to crusade for more Christianity for everyone, everywhere. Friday night’s effort was to present the lawsuit from the perspective of one side, only. Guess which side?

The guest was Bob Tyler, general counsel for “Advocates for Faith and Freedom,” representing the Christian school.

Mr. Tyler complained that UC is trying to “secularize private Christian schools” by rejecting the courses. He claimed that the rejection of the courses was only because of their Christian content. He provided no proof of his allegations, nor did substitute co-host Rich Lowry ask for any.

Lowry claimed that because the students score high on standardized tests, they’re being “punished.” “Isn’t that something?” Lowry asked, with his usual wide-eyed look of innocence that always accompanies his rather sly and somewhat devious partisanship. “They’re actually better and they’re still being treated in this way… What does it matter whether they’ve been grounded in a Christian curriculum and that they’re Bible-believing Christians?”

Alan Colmes made it very clear why it matters. “This is all about how it’s being taught… and it’s not accurate to say the students aren’t getting in. In fact, in the past four years, 24 of 32 applicants have gotten in, 43 courses are certified. The issue is science versus academia. Your biology book says, ‘the people who have prepared this book have tried consistently to put the word of God first and science second.’ Why is the University of California obligated to certify a course that puts science second, if it’s about learning science?”

Tyler claimed that Colmes was missing the point and that UC is not allowed to discriminate against a group because of its viewpoints. As he spoke, “ANTI-CHRISTIAN BIAS?” appeared on the screen.

Colmes was not deterred. “But if it’s a science course, and the book says that science comes second and religion first… The University of California is approving most of the courses. You’re talking about a small minority that it says do not put science first. Why are they obligated to certify that that is a science course?”

Tyler didn’t have an answer, other than to say that a private school has the right to teach whatever it wants.

“Sure they do,” Colmes said. He asked why UC shouldn’t have the right to determine its own academic standards.

Tyler agreed they should, then tried again to argue that Colmes was missing the point. Tyler started to discuss a literature class that UC would not certify but the time was up.

Tyler's argument was pretty much destroyed but Lowry closed by saying, “You’re a great advocate for your cause and good luck out there.”