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Col. David Hunt: Iran "probably has, very close to, a nuclear weapon"

Reported by Chrish - January 15, 2006

John Gibson had Col. David Hunt as a guest on The Big Story Thursday 1/12/06. The colonel is of the opinion that Iran is close to a nuclear weapon and while the US military ground forces not currently able to conduct an invasion, our naval, marine, and air forces could do terrible damage from the air, crippling the alleged program. He brought up the "D word - draft" as what would be necessary to increase the ground troops to sufficient levels to take on another country.

In his usual fumbling manner, Gibson asked " So we're in Afghanistan, we're in Iraq, on either side of Iran. Can we do any - is there a military option if Iran says guess what, we're going ahead, gonna work on this bomb."

Hunt replied that we have a pretty limited option for response: because of our presence in Iraq, the Army, Marines, National Guard and Reserves are "pretty well done in, as far as being able to use them for another country. We have a great naval aviation, Marine aviation, and Air Force that could do some damage. The problem, John, is the technolgy used to build these bunkers, the places they're building these atomic-TYPE weapons, ... will not be destroyed by conventional munitions. We would probably have to use nuclear bunker busters - I don't think we're going to drop them. So we could punish Iran a bit, from the air, and Israel could help. But a ground campaign at this time I don't think is in the cards."

Gibson asked if it's in the cards at any time, and Hunt replied that "...again, we don't have the forces, unless people want to start talking about the big D, the draft. The military has got too many, is done... "

Hunt goes on to reiterate that the feared weapons will have to be taken out with non-conventional weapons since we don't have the ground forces. Gibson asks if we can just cripple the program, demolish a few sites and disrupt the alleged building of the bomb and Hunt says we can hurt them badly; the Air Force and Naval aviators could do a very good job, and Israel could help. But as to the question of "taking another country", we probably can't but we can hurt them and probably should consider it. These are bad guys, this guy, the president of Iran, is talking about the annhilation of Israel, and "he probably has, very close to a nuclear weapon. That can't be tolerated, particularly with this kind of a nutjob saying the things he is. "

Comment: The expectation that the US will somehow take care of this alleged threat is already being floated around as a given. The UN sanctions are expected to fail; the stage is being set for airstrikes and somehow it is OK, according to the grand plan, to kill Iranian families and demolish Iranian towns to cripple a perceived threat. Deja vu all over again.

Note: post amended/corrected 1/16/06; see explanation in comments below. chrish

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