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Dick Morris Gives Yet Another “Fair And Balanced” Assessment Of Hillary Clinton.

Reported by Ellen - January 14, 2006

It’s kind of like calling on Ambassador Joe Wilson to provide an analysis of George Bush but “real journalism, fair and balanced” FOX News trots out Dick Morris at the drop of a Hillary rumor or innuendo. Thursday night’s (1/12/06) excuse was the fact that Hillary had been at the same function as Bush-basher Harry Belafonte. That made it something of a grand slam for Morris and FOX News – enabling them to sweep up Hillary, Harry and “major enemy of the United States” Hugo Chavez in one liberal-demonizing swoop. Don’t tell me the old “we report, you decide” network didn’t plan it that way. The fact that Morris’ latest book is published by a sister company to FOX News, was just icing on the cake.

“Look, this isn’t personal… Politically, what is she thinking?” Hannity asked to start the discussion (Like he really cares!) on Hannity & Colmes.

Morris could barely contain his glee as he got in a few bonus swipes: That this was “second only to kissing Mrs. Arafat” and that Belafonte is a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. Showing his community spirit, Morris wondered why children still trick or treat for UNICEF and why the US continues to give money to it.

Morris then noted that it had been “a tough week for Hillary but the media didn’t cover it.” In a tone reminiscent of high-school gossip, he added, “She was found on Friday by the FEC… to have underestimated the cost of a fundraiser in LA by over $700,000.” He claimed that “it literally means that she was elected to the senate by committing the most massive kind of campaign fraud.” However, a FOXNews.com article says nothing of the kind. In the article, a lawyer for the Clinton campaign says that an agreement with the FEC includes “a letter from the FEC stating that Clinton did not violate the law.”

Morris continued that “she admitted this and paid a $35,000 fine.” But according to FOXNews.com, it was her campaign fundraising group (not Hillary) that “admitted this” and paid the fine.

The fact that Hannity didn’t comment on the fundraising “scandal” but moved right back to linking her with Belafonte is an indication, in itself, that Morris’ story wasn’t quite accurate. However, before Hannity and Morris got very far with that “outrage,” it was Alan Colmes’ turn.

Colmes, sounding annoyed, said, “Hillary Clinton is in the same room as somebody – Isn’t that guilt by association? …Big deal.”

Morris insisted that it wasn’t just the same room, but that she “shared a dais” with Belafonte. “She should have walked out.”

“Should Republicans walk away from Pat Robertson?”

Morris thought Hillary’s was “a very different situation” because Belafonte embraced Chavez and called Bush a terrorist.

Comment: On the other hand, Robertson merely wished for the death of two world leaders.

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