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Bill O'Reilly & Sen. Lindsey Graham - Part I: "You don't smear a man in front of the world while his wife and family are sitting behind him"

Reported by Marie Therese - January 13, 2006

On last night's Factor host O'Reilly interviewed Senator Lindsey Graham, the Republican Senator from South Carolina. As you may recall, Graham is the member of the Senate Judiciary Committee whose voice quivered and whose eyes filled as he spoke words of support to Supreme Court nominee, Judge Samuel Alito and his family. Graham, a seasoned JAG lawyer, used all the skills at his disposal to convey his disapproval of the Democrats who had the temerity to do their job as opposition party leaders and question the judge on his membership in a radically conservative student organization at Princeton during his college years.

Senator Graham's impassioned words, carefully laced with just enough righteous indignation and vocally modulated to inspire sympathy for the poor afflicted man before him certainly did the trick. Mrs. Alito burst into tears and had to leave the room. Later, Sen. Orrin Hatch blamed the Democrats, but added that she had also been suffering from a migraine headache.

However, to hear O'Reilly tell it, "all this was was Durbin and Kennedy intentionally trying to inflict pain on the nominee and the nominee's family. Now we see this in the press all the time ... now we're seeing it ... in front of the world. And the world watched those hearings and saw Kennedy and Durbin try to smear - even if they disagree with Alito - he's a good man - you don't smear a man in front of the world while his wife and family are sitting behind him ..."

The tape FOX aired of the original crying incident was cut in such a way as to give the impression that Sen. Richard Durbin, a Democrat, was speaking to Alito when Mrs. Alito started to cry and that Sen. Graham came to Alito's rescue like a knight on a shining white horse. Those of us who actually WATCHED the hearings know that it was mean ol' Lindsey what made Martha-Ann cry.

O'Reilly went on to say "Politics in this country are degenerating. ... The Senate is supposed to be more civil than the House. It's supposed to be the body that brings some perspective and class to the nation and I have watched 'smear merchants' in the form of Kennedy and Durbin and a few others but not as bad as those two - know what they're doing. It's not as though they don't know - they know and they do it anyway. " Graham agreed with O'Reilly.


How many of the people that Bill O'Reilly has savaged in the past nine years were at home with their families when he spewed his filth? Who does he think STARTED the degeneration of culture that he now blames other for?

Al Franken was right when he said O'Reilly has lied so much he wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the face! When he looks in the mirror, he sees not the puffy eyes and the undulating chin, but the square jaw of John Wayne. When he spits venom every night, he probably thinks of himself as the light-encircled Archangel Gabriel come to do battle with the minions of darkness.

Thankfully it seems that the rest of the media world is beginning to see the light. This year serious journalists exposed his pathetic war on Christmas for what it was - thinly disguised racism. (Of course, if you watched FOX News, it was a resounding success!)

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