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Fox News: "Will Vicious Dems Pay for Driving Alito's Wife to Tears?"

Reported by Melanie - January 12, 2006

The theme of Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (January 12, 2006) was the supposed viciousness of Democrats (it's an election year folks) who presumably made Samuel Alito's wife cry yesterday during Alito's confirmation hearings.

The program opened with a FOX NEWS ALERT, a chyron that read, "Will Vicious Dems Pay for Driving Alito's Wife to Tears?" and this from Cavuto: "This is a Fox News Alert! Did Democrats do more harm to themselves than to Samuel Alito during the hearings for the Supreme Court nominee? The likes of Ted Kennedy and company literally driving his wife to tears just yesterday after repeatedly trying to paint Alito as a bigot, an image Americans might not soon forget. But, did they just go a long way toward making many Americans forget about them next November?" (Cavuto's MO is to turn his most propagandistic statements into innocent-sounding questions.)

Cavuto then introduced two Republicans. Al D'Amato, the former Republican senator from New York, went first. He said he thought the Democrats "looked terrible." He said they "looked silly. They looked nasty. They looked like they would do anything to try to tear this man down." Alito's record is "impeccable." It was "just horrific." Her husband was "pilloried."

Roger Stone, identified as a "former Nixon advisor" spoke next. He said he thought Alito was "increasingly looking like a sympathetic figure as the Democrats pile on." It "backfired very badly." He said questioning Alito about his membership in Concerned Alumni for Princeton was "the cheapest form of McCarthyism;" that "nobody can establish a firm link between Mr. Alito and this organization. He listed it on one job application" but he "has no recollection of being involved with the organization. He's not even sure why or if he ever joined it." (Stone's emphasis.)

This opening segment lasted five minutes. During most of the segment Fox went to a split screen, one showing the speaker and one showing a crying Martha Alito. Fox darkened the video but highlighted Ms. Alito's crying face with a round "spotlight."

21 minutes later, again with video of a crying Martha Alito filling the screen over a chyron reading "Telling Tears?", Cavuto went to a break with this promo: "Well, I want you to take a quick look at this -- Judge Samuel Alito's wife crying during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court. I want you to take just a look at that moment and whether [sic] it might have sealed her husband's confirmation and made Democrats the villains of politics or has the media itself over-trumpeted that issue? We'll explore a little bit more."

24 minutes later, at 4:45 p.m. EDT, with video of a crying Martha Alito on the screen again and a chyron that read "Heroes or Villains?", Cavuto went to a break with another promo: "The Democrats say that they are the good guys but after driving Samuel Alito's wife to tears yesterday, are they, do they, have more in common with these guys? [Fox switched from the crying Martha Alito to video from a Spiderman movie with "villains" crawling up a building.] Can the Democrats lose that villain label? Only on Fox. Next."

After the break, Cavuto introduced George Schlatter, the creator of the '70s show, Laugh-In. As the segment opened, Fox briefly aired more Spiderman video but the chyron had changed from the one used in the promo before the break. The words were transposed, the word "or" was replaced with a "vs" for versus, and the question mark was gone. It read: "Villains vs Heroes." As the Spiderman video disappeared and a crying Martha Alito returned, Cavuto said: "Well, you know, it's a typical Hollywood plot. The villain versus the hero, but yesterday the plot moved east. Made in Washington, D.C. The wife of Supreme Court nominee, as you heard once or twice, Samuel Alito, crying and walking out of the hearings after some pretty tough attacks on her husband's character. So, have the Democrats now become the villains?"

Schlatter, one of those hedonistic, "liberal," Hollywood Democrats Fox loves to bash said, "It wasn't a Democrat that made her cry. It was a Republican -- Graham asked her the question." He asked Cavuto if he noticed that "about 15 minutes before she started to cry an aide came in and moved him slightly to the right because he was covering her, and ten minutes later she started to cry. So, fortunately, he'd moved enough so we could see it."

He and Cavuto bandied back and forth for five minutes, Cavuto trying to sic the Democrats and Schlatter insisting that "everybody's focused on the crying, not the questions. What about the issues?" During the five minutes, Fox aired yet more video of Martha Alito crying, this time in what looked like slow motion.

Comment: I can't imagine what Fox would have done had the Democrats actually had some guts and some follow-through and been able to get a straight answer out of Alito. Despite their pitiful performance, if Fox has its way, the Democrats will be remembered as vicious and horrific and, as Cavuto said, "Americans might not soon forget." And as I said, it's an election year folks and Fox is campaigning right now.

P.S. Interesting info from Schlatter about Alito's chair being moved, huh?

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