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Traitor Robert Novak Says He’s Not Sorry He Outed Valerie Plame, He’s Only Sorry For The Problems It Caused Himself. PS – He Also Says The Leaker Was A Man.

Reported by Ellen - January 9, 2006

He ended the career of a CIA agent devoted to working on non-proliferation during a war on terror, he caused the indictment of one high-level Bush Administration official, and more, related indictments may be coming. Yet Robert Novak told Sean Hannity tonight that his only regret about writing the column was the problems Novak suffered as a result. That was just moments after he insisted he would not reveal the name of his source, then let slip that it was a man. What a guy!

It was Novak’s first appearance on Hannity & Colmes since joining the FOX News Channel. Near the end of the discussion (with Novak as the only guest for an unbalanced review of today’s Alito confirmation hearings and Tom DeLay’s resignation as House Majority Leader), Alan Colmes asked, “Will the day ever come when you’ll come on here, on the FOX News Channel, and tell everything you know about the Valerie Plame affair?”

Novak said he’s not supposed to talk about it until the grand jury investigation ends but said he will not be the first one to reveal his source. “If he reveals HIMSELF, or if somebody else reveals the name, or if the special prosecutor reveals HIS name, it’s another matter. But I’m not going to reveal HIS – my source on television.” (my emphases)

In response to Colmes’ next question, if it’s likely the name will come out, Novak answered, “It’s possible.”

To end the segment, Hannity said Novak had been quoted as saying he regretted writing the column “with Valerie Plame’s name. Why?”

Novak replied, “I didn’t really say that. I said if I had it to do again, I probably wouldn’t do it. I don’t think I made any mistake at all. She was not – I don’t believe she was an undercover agent, I never have. The CIA never told me that it would cause any damage, ‘cause I don’t think it would. So that is not the regret. But it’s caused me a lot of difficulty. In this town, if you’re perceived as being in trouble, people run away from you… So just from the standpoint of self-protection near the end of your career, I probably would have just as soon not done it. But I don’t think I did anything wrong. And I thought it was an interesting part of the story in about the seventh paragraph of a story showing why they named this very strange Clinton appointment – the CIA did – to make a (sic) inquiry into a very important matter regarding the activities of the Iraqi government.”

Why was this guy hired by the network that Roger Ailes claims “likes America?” With friends like this…

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