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Murdoch uses FNC to smear NY newspapers which made the same mistake as his NYPost

Reported by Chrish - January 7, 2006

Like many others, I went to sleep Tuesday night/Wednesday morning happy to know that the 12 miners in Tallmansville WV had been found alive. Flipping on the TV in the morning to see if Fox was talking about Abramoff yet, I was horrified to learn that the miners had perished.

I was just in time (about 10:45 am ET) to hear the blonde woman say that USA Today and the New York Times had gotten the headlines wrong, and both papers front pages were shown for several seconds. Fox going after the NYTimes is nothing new - they do it on a daily basis - but it got my radar going.

Later in the day on The Big Story they did a similar piece. Gibson had as a guest CNN co-founder Reese Schonfeld to discuss the media's early and incorrect reports. This time The New York Daily News and Newsday, direct competitors of Murdoch's Post, were singled out as having gotten the headline wrong, complete with pictures of the erroneous front pages. Further, Schonfeld accused the New York Times, twice, of "weaseling" their story because their headline read "Twelve alive, friends of families say". (The actual headline in the NYT was "12 Miners Are Found Alive, Family Members Say.") According to Schonfeld, "NYTimes rules say that if sombody else says it, and you say he says it, then you're not doing anything incorrect." Reading the article further, he says, a minor or semi-minor government official is quoted, so if you read it exactly, you'll read that the NYT never said that. When Gibson asks if that attribution is a true cover, Schonfeld says no, he thinks it's weaseling. Comment: Excuse me Mr. Schonfeld, but you're wrong. What the NYTimes did was clear and proper. But keep reading...

All I could find at the New York Post On-Line was the "Late City Final". I'm not familiar with their publishing schedule but figured that could be a do-over. I called someone in NYC (btw, a devout, conservative, life-long Republican) and asked if she or anyone she knew got the NYPost. We had a good laugh and it was clear I had to go elsewhere. Newseum.org was recommended to me but lo and behold, the New York Post does not participate. Like their cohorts in the White House, Rupert's Post leaves no paper trail. You know they're scheming right now how to take over the damned Internets!

Because that's where I found this:

On a morning when nearly all the media were wrong about the fate of the trapped miners, because they all received misinformation from the mining company, it’s nice to see that the New York Post can live up to its reputation and be even wronger than everyone else.
See, there’s this bit:
"Anna McCloy, whose husband, Randall, was among those trapped thought her prayers had been answered.
"This is wonderful, wonderful news, they are coming out,” she said in words now achingly tragic."
Which is even more tragic, because, as we learn from the Times and the News and everyone else, Randall McCloy — or Randal, as he actually spells it — is the one miner who survived.

A commenter to that article on gawker.com wrote "Um, my copy of the post this morning still has the Lohan, but the headline screams "Alive!" - maybe your post delivery comes a little later, Jesse? Here in corprate America we get the awsome early edition."

That assertion is backed up by the BBC, which captured this image:

Rather a long way to go to tell you what you already know - the people at Fox News Channel are smearing, unprofessional, posturing hypocrites.

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