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Hannity Urges Israel To Attack Iran. Is FOX News Prepping US For War?

Reported by Ellen - January 6, 2006

Tonight’s Hannity & Colmes discussion about the president of Iran’s comment that he hoped Prime Minister Sharon would die seemed little more than an excuse to drum up support for another war in the Middle East. Chickenhawk Sean Hannity made it clear he thinks Israel should attack Iran and not waste any time about it. Even Alan Colmes seemed uncharacteristically bellicose about Iran. Meanwhile, both hosts completely overlooked the similar remarkss of evangelist Pat Robertson who suggested that Sharon’s illness was divine retribution.

Colmes introduced the guest, “retired Iranian general,” Houshang Filsouf. Colmes said that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also said the Holocaust is a myth, that Israel should be destroyed. “What else should we know about this guy?” Colmes asked.

As “Iranian Outrage” appeared across the screen, Filsouf said that a president and a Christian television personality should have respect for a prime minister who needs prayers.

Colmes ignored the reference to Robertson and said, “You’re saying respect. But this guy’s talking about the Holocaust being a myth, destroying Israel, perhaps nuclear capability. What should we do about that?”

Filsouf said that “the Iranian intellectual people" do not agree with their president's comments.

Hannity broke in to take his turn. “But the fact is he’s their leader. The fact is we know that they’re desperately seeking nuclear capability. Would Israel be wrong, based on the fact that he has said he wants to wipe them off the map, that the holocaust didn’t exist, etc. – would Israel be wrong in thinking towards a pre-emptive strike, like they did against Iraq in the early 80’s?”

Filsouf replied, “Well, to tell something and to take action is two different matters.” He said that at the present time, with the situation of the war, attacking Iran is impractical if not impossible.

“But he’s wishing for the death of their prime minister. He says wipe them off the map. (Filsouf tried to interrupt. Hannity snapped, “Hang on!”) Their actions are – they’re feverishly seeking nuclear weapons. Why should Israel wait? Why should Israel wait to the point where it may be too late? If this guy is that nuts?”

Filsouf said Israel and the US should “leave that matter to the hand of the International Atomic Agency and United Nations.”

Hannity interrupted. “So give him time to get the weapon, give him time to build his military, give him time to prepare for Israel’s attack?”

“No, no, we have to be prepared for everything. At the same time we have to give our European people time to do their best as well.”

The music started, Colmes broke in to end the discussion (no mention of working with the Europeans is likely to get a good reception) by saying, “I think we ought to keep an eye on this guy and take his comments very seriously... he presents a pretty big danger, it seems. “

Filsouf said, “I am absolutely against his comments. I am absolutely against Mr. Robertson’s comments.”

“Alright,” Colmes said quickly.

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