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Grapevine Whine - Where Old News Is New News (Again)

Reported by Nancy - January 6, 2006 -

Wednesday night (1/4) on Special Report, the last "pickings" on the Grapevine segment provided another great example of the reactionary noise machine at work. Brit Hume used "picking" #4 to give yet more national air time to a story that's nearly a month old & should never have had more than local importance to begin with. Hume was just a little late jumping on this particular bandwagon, & in the process he may have revealed more than he intended about the "values" that motivate FNC.

Here's "picking" #4:

Ted Hayes, an advocate for the homeless who also happens to be a black Republican, says the 35 men, women & children who reside in the LA shelter he founded 12 years ago are being kicked out because of his political beliefs. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Hayes writes that his landlord raised the Dome Village's rent from $2500 to more than $18,000 a month when he learned Hayes' political leanings & said the cause of his eviction was "because you are Republican,” adding that as a Democrat, he was tired of helping Hayes or his shelter.

Comments: Here's some of the story from the LATimes, in an article dated Dec 25:

...Earlier this month, Hayes said, he received a note from Milton Sidley, one of the property owners, announcing that the rent was being raised to $18,330 a month, plus property taxes, on June 1. Since the village's inception [in 1993], Sidley's partnership has charged Dome Village monthly rent of $2,500, plus property taxes. This is now considered well below market rate for the 1.25-acre site on Golden Avenue.

The notice about the rent raise was delivered "earlier" than Dec 25 -- so why is this "news" on the Grapevine on Jan 4?
...Dome Village Executive Director Katy Haber ... said, "They've given us a decent rent for many years. We can't complain."

Funny how Hume neglected to mention this little detail.
Mike Sidley, the attorney for the limited-liability partnership that owns the land, and son of Milton Sidley, confirmed the rent increase but vehemently denied it had anything to do with politics. "For 12 years, they've allowed [Dome Village] to remain there at below-market rent," Mike Sidley said Saturday.

Or this one.
...Hayes said he couldn't afford the rent increase and would not contest it. "We believe in the right of private ownership of his property," Hayes said. "I would like to get us out of here by March 31."

Or this one.
...When it opened in 1993 with a $250,000 grant from Arco, Dome Village was viewed as a visionary attempt to solve an entrenched homeless problem in downtown Los Angeles. ... Since then, it has enjoyed support from government agencies but had problems at times.

Gee, Hume didn't mention this either -- that Dome Village was a (gasp) WELFARE PROJECT.
...In 2001, a county audit found that Dome Village had not verified that tenants were actually homeless before they were allowed to move in, and that tenants had stayed in the village for longer than two years. Dome Village managers corrected those problems and were able to retain a $700,000 federal grant.

Nope, Hume didn't mention this government support either.
...Hayes, however, said the village's long-term effect on the homeless problem has been negligible, due largely to the heated real estate market that now appears to be forcing the village's relocation.
"There are not enough affordable houses in decent neighborhoods. It's just not there," he said. "No matter what we do to rehabilitate people, there's no place for them to live. As far as mainstreaming people, we have not done that."

Nor did Hume mention this.

Now, it may just be a coincidence that Hayes was a guest on Hannity & Comes just a few days ago. It may just be a coincidence that he was whining about his "rent increase" then. It may just be a coincidence that the WSJ gave him space on their op-ed page. It may just be a coincidence that a googlenews search of "Ted Hayes" turns up -- aside from CA news outlets, where this actually IS news -- the usual suspects: NewsMax, Dummocrats, American Daily, TheRealityCheck.Org,  American Thinker, Dateline Alabama.

But it's no coincidence at all that Hume didn't mention 3/4 of the relevant details about the story. Wouldn't want viewers to think that a staunch GOP like Hayes was using government HANDOUTS to help people. That wouldn't fit too nicely with the "party of personal responsibility" image, would it?

Wouldn't you think the reactionary noise machine would be rejoicing that capitalism works? That the property owners were finally ejecting these no-good lazy homeless scum? That it was about time that Hayes & his fellow-traveler "socail activists" stopped sucking at the government's teat?

If you'd like to complain to Fox about this, email: special@foxnews.com

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Special Report's role in the reactionary noise machine; or this particular "picking"). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.