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Grapevine Whine - Bob Novak Rears His Ugly Head

Reported by Nancy - January 6, 2006 -

Thursday night (1/5) on Special Report, one of the "pickings" on the Grapevine segment was a repetition of a piece of nasty gossip that Bob Novak wrote in The Conservative Voice earlier in the week. Hume re-used some of Novak's language, but in true Foxian style tried even harder to spin what Novak called Republican "disarray" by calling the scandals, corruption & criminal activities currently engulfing the GOPs mere "missteps." Hume got in early on the reactionary noise machine this time -- so far on Limbaugh has also jumped on the bash-Pelosi bandwagon.

Here's picking" #4:

House Democrats are growing increasingly dissatisfied with their leader, CA's Nancy Pelosi, complaining that she's been unable to take advantage of Republican missteps. Some have even taken to referring to the party's lack of focus & a clear agenda as "the Nancy problem." Conservative columnist & FOX News contributor Robert Novak says many Democrats are now grumbling that MD's Steny Hoyer -- the pro-business, pro-defense minority whip -- would make a more suitable leader even though they disagree with his ideology.

Comments: As always, note the language (emphasis added):

"House Democrats are ... complaining ... grumbling ..." -- oh, those whiny Dems

"Pelosi [is] unable to ..." -- another incompetent Dem

"Republican missteps " -- nice euphemism for the scandals, corruption & criminal activities engulfing the GOPs; even Novak used a stronger word ("disarray") & phrases ("The Republican majority looks divided, out of gas and threatened by serious scandals.")

"the [Dem] party's lack of focus & a clear agenda ..." -- echoes of "they don't have a plan" (btw, I've never been able to figure out how GOPs get away with this, since they're clearly the ones with a plan for anything important)

"the Nancy problem" -- gee, I wonder if Hume would use a paternalistic, demeaning phrase like that if Bob Novak called Mrs Bush "the Laura problem" or even a postive, complimentary phrase like "the Laura effect"

"Hoyer -- the pro-business, pro-defense minority whip" -- implication, of course: Pelosi is anti-business & anti-defense

Here's Novak's article, THE NANCY PROBLEM, & for those who prefer a precis of that article (in addition to the phrases cited by Hume), here's my version:

blah blah blah New Deal tax-and-spend policies
blah blah bla Democrats fear they are ill-equipped
blah blah blah Hoyer surpasses Pelosi
blah blah blah [Hoyer is] unapologetically pro-business and pro-national defense
blah blah blah Pelosi consistently runs in the opposite direction
blah blah blah many Democrats yearn for Hoyer
blah blah blah Democrats are simply appalled by Pelosi's image
blah blah blah she [Pelosi] seems distracted and lost
blah blah blah Pelosi neither sets an agenda nor offers inspiring messages
blah blah blah superficial quality of Democratic rhetoric
blah blah blah Newt Gingrich's reforms
blah blah blah Pelosi is reported fearful

This retreading of already hackneyed phrases is, apparently, what passes for "insightful analysis" in the reactionary noise machine.

Wouldn't you love to know the source for this latest Novak execrise? Wanna bet it's Steny Hoyer?

If you'd like to complain to Fox about this, email: special@foxnews.com

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Hume, Novak, Pelosi, Hoyer). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.