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David Letterman & Bill O'Reilly

Reported by Deborah - January 4, 2006

Bill O'Reilly walked out on Letterman's stage with a " don't mess with me" air of confidence but Letterman met him with a wide open gaze and a gift for observation that O'Reilly doesn't understand. O'Reilly wanted to show Letterman that he was oh so cool and amusing opening by responding to Letterman's greeting using the term "nice winter soltice" instead of "Christmas" telling Letterman that saying Christmas is out. At that point, it was clear where O'Reilly wanted to open the interview but Letterman soon took control. 1/3/05

Bill immediately launched into his oft repeated stories to illustrate the validity of the Christmas Wars.The report about the school that forced the kids to change the words of Silent Night was proven wrong and reported by Marie Therese on News Hounds

Letterman was not the least impressed with O'Reilly's reports telling him , "I don't feel threatened" letting O'Reilly know that the concept had little importance. O'Reilly claimed it was an effort " to erode traditions." Then he told two more "War on Christmas" tales not worth repeating. Letterman listened and then let Bill know that he was not convinced saying plainly, "I don't believe it!"

Letterman quickly moved the interview asking Bill about his "friends" in the Bush administration describing the situation as "dark" O'Reilly admitted that things were "pretty rough" adding that they were not his friends and there was more chance that Bush would come on Letterman's show than his own.

Then BOR launched into a little soliloquy about winning in Iraq adding a negative comment about Cindy Sheehan.
"When Cindy Sheehan calls terrorists freedom fighters,we don't like that." That was the turning point for Letterman and he went after O'Reilly who claimed that Sheehan was "run by far left elements."

When Letterman asked O'Reilly why we are in Iraq in the first place, BOR started a spin about foreign leaders having similar intelligence acting like an expert with knowledge beyond Letterman's grasp. At that point Letterman gave the perfect response.
" I'm not smart enough to debate you but I think 60% of what you say is crap."

comment: Who can argue with that analysis? Here is a transcript of the interview.

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