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Fox's Molly Hennenberg Parrots The President & Pushes The 'Leak' Being More Important Than The Fact That The President Is Spying On Americans Without Obtaining Warrants

Reported by Donna - January 2, 2006

Today on Studio B with Rick Folbaum substituting for Shepard Smith, he went to a segment about President Bush's spying on Americans without a warrant, which was covered by Molly Hennenberg.

Hennenberg simply repeated words from the president instead of presenting the story, as they would say, 'fair and balanced.' They did go to Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) at the end of the segment, but his time was but a small percentage of the time that Hennenberg and the president received.

The following is my partial transcript (verbatim, but pretty much word for word) and the only reason I say partial is I left off Hennenberg's list at the end of the segment saying what the president was going to be talking about for the rest of the week. So, it had nothing to do with the story about the president spying on Americans without a warrant.

Before the break Folbaum talked about the story of spying on Americans without a warrant by saying wistfully, 'Coming up, a story from last year that's not letting go, at least not yet.' (Comment: He acts like it's such an old story saying 'last year.' Well, last year was two days ago.)

After the break:

Rick Folbaum: President Bush, back in Washington, looking to defend his stand on domestic spying without any court approval.

Cuts to Hennenberg.

Molly Henneberg: President Bush says we're at war (her emphasis) against an enemy (her emphasis) that wants to attack us again (her emphasis) so he says it's his responsibility as Commander in Chief to protect Americans from terrorists. (Comment: From the horse's mouth.......) And that includes, Mr. Bush says, allowing the NSA to wiretap phone calls from known (Comment: Known according to who? I really wish I could get an answer on that one) Al Qaeda operatives to people here inside the U.S. Speaking in Texas yesterday,Mr. Bush also repeated his criticism of whoever revealed this one (Comment: My emphasis, this seemed an odd choice of words, like the president had more than one possibly illegal program going on) secret program to the media last month, suggesting it hurts America's efforts on the war on terror.

President Bush: I vow to use all the resources at my disposal within the law to protect the American people, which is what I have been doing and will continue to do. And...uh...the fact that...uh...somebody leaked this program...uh...causes great harm to the United States. There's an enemy out there. They read newspapers (Comment: Unlike some president who admitted he doesn't read newspapers?). They listen to what you write. They listen to what you put on the air and they react. (His mannerisms were peppered with his nervous laughter and the usual smiling and smirking)

Molly Hennenberg: The Justice Department is investigating who leaked the information. But, one top Democrat says the larger issue is whether the president, quote "Unilaterally changed the law in approving the warrantless wiretap program."

Charles (Chuck) Schumer (Senator - D - NY): To simply divert this whole thing to just looking at the leaker and saying everything else was fine is typical of this administration. Instead of examining a problem and saying maybe there's a problem, let's come together and reason on it, they try to divert attention and blame somebody. And that, while it should be pursued, is not the main issue here.

Comments: As you can see, Hennenberg and the president got more time than Senator Schumer did. She remained animated and emphatic while she acted as an apologist for the president in her opening statement. However, it is typical of how this administration and Fox uses the old deflect and divert whenever the pressure is on. This is the administration that doesn't own up to anything, they just try to shift blame. Perhaps this time it won't work.

Remember when the president said he couldn't think of any mistakes he had ever made? Remember when the president talked about Weapons of Mass Destruction and nuclear weapons when it came to Iraq? Then he said the real reason was to bring democracy to Iraq? Remember when the president said he would fire anyone who was involved in the CIA leak, then changed it to 'anyone who was convicted?' Remember when the pictures came out about Abu Ghraib and the president said whoever released those pictures hurt Americans? What hurt us was the fact that we tortured detainees. What hurts us is a president who doesn't deal with the issues at hand and constantly deflects and diverts the attention away from what he may have done wrong.

Enough is enough, if the president committed a crime this should be thoroughly investigated and he should be made accountable. No more excuses, deflection or diversion from this administration or Fox News is acceptable anymore. I'm not following the lies, I want the facts.

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