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2005 in review - trumpeting the White House message and muddying issues: Fox "News" IS #1!

Reported by Chrish - January 1, 2006

When I think of what I've seen and heard on Fox this past year a few things leap to mind. First I am amazed at how so many people can be so brainwashed into believing this propaganda is "fair and balanced". I am also struck by how obvious the pro-administration slant is and how willing viewers are to accept it as viable journalism. I'd find it laughable if it wasn't having such damaging consequences in this country and around the world.

It would be impossibly long to select the worst of FOX over this past year, so I'll just take a quick look back at some of my personal milestones and favorites.

Two of the most widely used tactics on FOX are the politicization of crime, when accusations or evidence of criminal activity by the administration and their minions is treated as petty political maneuvers, and "the everybody does it defense", recently adapted to include the "he did it first" defense in the case of Bush's warrantless spying on Americans.

One of the most grievous examples of FOX's shoddy journalism standards was the time they misidentified a California family as terrorists, disrupting their lives and exposing them to harrassment. Like their heroes in the White House, they refused to issue a full apology. A close second was the Sean Hannity segment with Charlie Daniels that took a year-old dust-up and presented it as a current "outrage."

Perhaps my most prescient post was done last July, when I warned Loss of privacy: get used to it. In light of the recent confession by Bush that he has authorized spying on Americans without court oversight it is plain that this administration IS Big Brother.

My favorite headline, still pertinent today, is You can't spell cover-up without R-O-V-E. Not only is the headline still true, the tactics being used in July to obfuscate the seriousness of the CIA leak scandal are being recycled now for the NSA scandal. Think of it as BushCo's environmental efforts.

I had a lot of fun learning how to upload images. By far my favorite resultant post was Rupert Murdoch at forefront of cloning, a snarky look at the cookie cutter talent seen on Fox News.

Possibly our proudest moment was when we learned we had really gotten under Bill O'Reilly's (albeit thin) skin. When he waved a printout of News Hounds' front page on The O'Reilly Factor , calling us "off the charts left", we felt we had really arrived.

So here we are, and here we'll stay. We hope you'll stay here with us through 2006 as we watch FOX - as they smear Democrats and fawn over Republicans in the mid-term elections, create divisive issues to rally the right-wingers, and distract from the failures and scandals of the Bush administration - so you don't have to.

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