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Grapevine Whine - Political Porn

Reported by Nancy - December 30, 2005 -

Many other programs on FNC manage to include sleazy porn stories masquerading as news (see, for example, Melanie's expose of Neil Cavuto's obsession, or what I caught Greta Van Susteren showing) but Special Report doesn't usually stoop to that level. Last night (12/29) however, with Jim Angle again substituting for anchor Brit Hume, one of the "pickings" on the Grapevine got a little sleaze on-screen & managed to bash Austria in the process. A nice double whammy for FNC -- I wonder if this would have been included had Hume been anchoring?

Here's "picking" #3:

Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel has issued a personal appeal for artists to withdraw billboards around Vienna featuring naked models wearing masks of Queen Elizabeth, French President Jacques Chirac, & President Bush in various sexual poses. The billboards were commissioned by "25 Peaces," an independent artists group & are seen as a major embarrassment to the country just days before Austria takes over the European Union's rotating presidency. The artists say the posters are part of a series meant to "reflect on the different social, historical & political developments in Europe" & the project has received more than $1 million in government subsidies. The Chancellor's office, however, says the government had been unaware of the billboards' racy subject matter.

Here's a graphic nearly identical to the one Special Report displayed (I don't have the equipment to transfer the image from videotape to computer):


Comments: Sorry, guys, there doesn't seem to be a full image online, although I'm sure some of you will devote some time to looking for one. Lacking the full image, here's a good description I found in The New Zealand Herald

The images on electronic rolling billboards showed two naked female models wearing masks of President George W Bush and The Queen, and a male model with a President Jacques Chirac mask, positioned as if engaged in a sex act.

Which suddenly makes it abundantly clear why the reactionaries are so outraged: a female model wore Bush's mask.

By the way, the artists have already decided to withdraw the billboards.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Special Report's foray into porn; the poster itself -- but do me a favor & don't use this as an excuse for obscenity). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.