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Any Excuse Is A Good Excuse To Bash Democrats

Reported by Ellen - December 30, 2005

Near the end of last night’s (12/29/05) Hannity & Colmes, Alan Colmes and substitute co-host Mike Gallagher swapped New Year’s resolutions. Gallagher said, “I’m going to try real hard to be nicer to you libs… I think we ought to focus on what unites us Americans rather than what divides us.”

But why start now, Gallagher must have figured, with two days left in 2005?

In the segment immediately preceding the resolutions, the guest was an African-American Republican named Ted Hayes, identified as founder and director of Dome Village, a Los Angeles shelter for homeless people. Hayes claimed that the large rent increase he had just received, one that would effectively evict his village, came about because he’s a Republican.

Gallagher opened by exclaiming, “This really is a shocking story. No doubt in your mind that the reason the landlord raised your rent was because you were outed as a Republican?”

Hayes claimed the landlord told him so and relayed the conversation. “He said, ‘If the Republicans care so much about Ted Hayes and the homeless in Dome Village, then let the Republicans take care of them from now on. This Democrat is tired of taking care of Ted Hayes in his Dome Village.’”

Comment: That doesn’t sound to me as though the increase was because of anyone’s political beliefs but it was more than reason enough for Gallagher to go on the attack. He described the landlord as “a retired liberal lawyer… It’s just incredible to me, even the timing… It sure seems odd that two days after you were in the local paper supporting President Bush you received this Ebenezer Scrooge-like rent increase.”

Hayes said that the conversation proved there’s “a phenomenon of Democrats attacking, persecuting black people who become Republicans. And especially if they become prominent and very visible Republicans.” He cited as examples Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, etc.

Rather than question the fact that Hayes put himself in the same category as Rice, Powell and Thomas, Gallagher was ready and willing to take the attacks on Democrats a step further. “Why are so many Democrats so vile and vicious when it comes to Black Republicans?”

Hayes answered, “Their past is finally starting to catch up with them.” He added that Democrats have been responsible “for the destruction of our people,”

No skepticism from Gallagher about that, either.

Alan Colmes took his turn and did an excellent job destroying Hayes’ credibility. Colmes started by mentioning that Hayes has been a guest on the show several times and that Hayes’ political affiliation has long been well known. Noting that the landlord “vehemently denied” that the rent increase had anything to do with politics, Colmes told Hayes that Democratic criticism of Rice and Thomas was over policy, not race. “You’re the guy making a racial issue out of it.”

Hayes got flustered and said, “Look at all the cartoons they made about Condoleezza Rice – the names they called her.”

“Who’s ‘they’ – every Democrat?”

“Anybody! Alan, stop playing games.”

Then, praising Hayes for his message of self-sufficiency and independence, Colmes said the landlord was working within the capitalist system by raising the rent of undervalued land. “I would think given your message, you would support that level of capitalism. You’ve always been a capitalist and preached that message.”

Hayes, all excited, insisted that his contention was not over the rent increase but that the landlord told him on the phone “because I am a Republican, we got to go. That’s why he raised our rent from $2,000 to $18,000, Alan, and that’s what’s wrong.”

Breaking in to end the discussion, Gallagher sounded awestruck at being in Hayes’ presence., “It IS wrong. Alright, Ted Hayes, congratulations to you and so much for Democrats being caring for the poor and the homeless. I’m glad Ted Hayes in Los Angeles is. A good Republican, good for you.”

No need to rush those resolutions, eh, Mike?

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