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Fox's Folbaum Asks - Have We Caught Any Al Qaeda On U.S. Soil? Simmons Answers: If We Have, They've Been Quiet About It

Reported by Donna - December 29, 2005

Today with Rick Folbaum substituting for Shepard Smith, he interviewed Fox's old standby, so called, 'terrorist' expert, Wayne Simmons. Now, I was going to put a link in for Mr. Simmons, but if you take the time to search in the search box on the right hand column, you'll see we've covered Mr. Simmons on numerous times and he has a rather radical, right-wing mindset. In fact, I will link you to one story that Ellen just reported on Saturday, where Simmons said that traitors should be shot by a firing squad with regards to John Walker Lindh, who is currently serving a 20 year sentence.

The following is my partial transcript (paraphrased but pretty much verbatim). I just left off the ending statement where Mr. Simmons exalts about his time chasing narco terrorists. (Comment: I like how he incorporated the name narco and terrorist. Would it then be fair to call him a neocon terrorist?)

Rick Folbaum: Lawyers for U.S. terror suspects, they plan on challenging the U.S. Domestic Spying program including the secret wiretapping program that's been authorized by President Bush time and time again. (Comment: Oh, really. How many times would that be? When he was authorizing, did he bother to get warrants? Aha.) It could have an impact on some of the governments biggest victories in the war on terrorism. (Comment: If it does, it's his own fault for not obtaining search warrants like the law states) How effective is the program in tracking down the terrorists? Joining us from Washington is former CIA spy, Wayne Simmons. (Comment: Yes, he really used the word 'spy' instead of operative or agent)

Rick Folbaum: (Continuing) I was reading a report that was online, Insightmag.com, (Comment: This is what it sounded like he said, they didn't put it up in writing) and this is not one of those far out, wacky websites, (Comment: And he would be an expert on determining this, how?) these people actually have some information here. It said the wiretaps, they have failed to make a dent in the war on terror. So, for all the controversy they are causing, they're not even doing any good? (Comment: His emphasis) Is that right?

Wayne Simmons: That is absolutely not correct and I don't know why anyone would report that. First of all, the intelligence community and the president are at a definite disadvantage because they're not going to stand up and say, 'Hey guess what? We ran this op an we were able to thwart this terrorist activity!' So, you know, that puts them at the disadvantage. But I can tell you, first of all, these are not wiretaps, these are intercepts that we're grabbing out of the air between terrorists and American citizens. (Comment: And, he knows they're terrorists, how?) So, that's a real important distinction.

RF: Well, let's talk about the intercepts, though, because this report goes onto say after claiming, according to sources, that they've not been effective. That, in fact, Al Qaeda has stopped using telephones and computers as a way of communications with each other a long time ago. Are we behind the times when it comes to intercepting these kinds of communications?

WS: Yeah, (garbled words) that tells me right away, Rick, that whoever is reporting this, who's ever talking, wherever this mysterious info is coming from has absolutely no clue as to what they're talking about. Of course the terrorists are going to change. Once they find out that we are able to take them down because we're onto a method of communication, transportation or operation that they're using, they're going to have to change. They use chameleon devices just like I used to use to run ops against the narco terrorists. So, that's what they're gonna do. That's not a bad thing. It would be wonderful if everybody went, 'well, let's just do the same old thing,' but, you know, it doesn't work that way.

RF: (laughing) Well, since 9/11, you know, I'm wondering, I was trying to think of one major (Comment: his emphasis) Al Qaeda figure that has been captured on (Comment: his emphasis) U.S. soil, inside our country. Has that happened? I mean, I couldn't think of anybody. And, if it hasn't happened, is that because they're not here (comment: his emphasis) or because we're not doing a good enough job?

WS: Listen. We are doing an outstanding job. I'm not here to, you know, to be the cheerleader for the intell. (Comment: You're not?) I'm telling you that the president, as I have said many times before, has the courage, the conviction and the committment to empower our intelligence agencies under Director Goff and Director Mueller. (Comment: I don't know, sounds like cheerleading to me -- what do you think?) And these outstanding men and women are thwarting these terrorists in this country. If we have grabbed some and maybe we have, they have been very quiet about it and have every reason to be. But, if they haven't, it doesn't matter, we are safer since 9/11.

Comments: I'm sorry, Simmons makes me laugh. I'm watching Dr. Strangelove as I type this and he would fit right in. Who is he kidding? He's not a cheerleader for the Intelligence agencies or the president? Right. And then when he said we may have caught some terrorists in this country but the Bush administration is being very quiet about it? How can you say that with a straight face? If they had caught any the Bush administration would be shouting it from the roof of the White House. I love how he prefaces it, 'but if they haven't, it doesn't matter, we are safer.' No proof, only words. I don't know about you, but I've stopped listening to words a long time ago (remember WMD's, yellow cake uranium and imminent threat?), for now, I'd like some proof. And even if you give me proof? The president still isn't allowed to break the law.

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