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Fox: the Administration's Attack Dog - It Punishes Canada for Having a Life

Reported by Melanie - December 28, 2005

Remember the "you're either with us or you're against us" line? Well, apparently, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin has so infuriated the Bush administration of late that he has moved into the "you're against us" category (as have all Canadians) and Fox News is serving as the administration's attack dog to show him the error of his ways. Fox has aired three extremely vicious anti-Canada segments during the past ten days on its alleged "business news" program, Your World w/Neil Cavuto; the most recent aired today (December 28, 2005).

The audience wasn't given any more background than Varney's opening paragraph (below), but by way of background here, Martin responded to the shooting of a young girl Tuesday in Toronto by saying, "What we saw yesterday is a stark reminder of the challenge that governments, police forces and communities face to ensure that Canadian cities do not descend into the kind of rampant gun violence we have seen elsewhere."

The "elsewhere" was interpreted as the United States and whether we're guilty as charged or not, we all know that nobody, but nobody, implies that the US is anything but perfect in all ways, right? No, that can't go unpunished so Fox ripped Martin and Canada apart in today's segment, which, if you listen to Fox's Varney, had nothing whatsoever to do with gun violence and everything to do with, well, humiliation and punishment. Pay particular attention to what Varney says - the poor guest served as nothing more than a prop for Varney's vitriol.

The segment opened under the heading "Blame America?" Varney introduced it with, "Got a problem? Of course. Blame America. It's as simple as that, at least in Canada these days. Prime Minister Paul Martin and Toronto Mayor David Miller blaming lax gun laws in the US for a surge in gun-related deaths up there, saying America is exporting violence. But, are they ignoring some real problems in their own backyard? My next guest says no. In fact, all the bad stuff going on in Canada is America's fault."

Varney introduced guest Patrice Brunet, identified as a "Canadian Atty & Political Analyst." Throughout the segment, a chyron appeared at the bottom of the screen: "Blaming America for Violence in Canada: Kinda Lame, Eh?"

Varney began the argument by accusing Brunet of broadly disliking the US, something Brunet didn't claim and didn't, in the least, seem to feel: "Patrice, why do you dislike us so?"

Brunet said, "We don't dislike you...but there are some things we just don't understand with the Americans. Why don't you have good gun control laws?" What happened in Toronto a few days ago "is an import of the culture that you've created about gun control laws."

Varney: "Wait. Wait. Wait a second. Wait a second. Wait a second. This blame America stuff has gotta stop. Look, you've got a Socialist economy which essentially breeds violence. Just look at France. You've got a medical system that's breaking down. That's not good for your society. You've got no military to speak of [see my comment, below] because you've got us to defend you and now you've got a gang problem with guns. So, what do you do? You blame us. This is ridiculous."

Brunet: You're "our friends, you know, our neighbors." Brunet explained that he is a gun owner but, "I didn't buy my gun on the Internet. I had to go to the corner store and they have to do a check. Why don't you have that in the US?"

Varney: "So, you don't have a problem with gangs? No, you don't have a problem with gangs whatsoever. You have a problem with America."

Brunet: "No, we don't say we don't have a problem with gangs."

Varney: "You got that problem from America?"

Brunet: "The problem with gangs? No! There's gangs everywhere. What we're talking about here is gun control. Why don't you have laws in the US about gun control?"

Varney: "No, what we're talking about here is our neighbor to the north blaming us for your own problems. They are home-grown problems and you are simply blaming us for your own problems. Your prime minister is facing an election and so what does he do? He's playing the anti-American card just like Herr Schroeder in Germany. He's playing the Anti-American card, trying to drum up political support because of dislike of Americans by Canadians. That's what's going on."

Brunet: "Well, that's your interpretation. I don't think so. What we're asking, "as friends to the United States, is what can we do together for you guys to enact some gun control laws? It's a very simple question. How can you buy a gun on the Internet, Stuart?"

Varney: "Let's get right down to the issue here. You look down on us. You look down. You think we're intellectual twerps. You think we're rich, arrogant, aggressive, and violent, and you look down on us. Is that because of your own weakness or because of jealousy? Which is it?"

Brunet: "Sometimes we just want to shake you up, nicely, in a friendly way, and tell you guys, why don't you do this a little bit differently? It's gonna be nice for everybody."

Varney: "When are you going to spend some money on your military and police the border to stop all these wicked Americans coming across with their wicked, violent culture that infects you with its disease?"

Brunet: "Ah, we love you...we look at your Constitution, which we respect. You know, your Constitution is great." But, he explained, had there been cars when the Constitution was written, the framers probably would have said that driving a car is a constitutional right, "so now you'd have people driving in the US without a license because there's ah, you know, a right to drive a car in the Constitution. You have to evolve. There's a problem with guns in the US."

Varney: "We've just gotta change, haven't we? We've just gotta become as second rate as you are. Okay. That's enough.

Brunet: "That was cheap."

Varney: "Yes it was, but I think okay to say it."

Comment: What the hell does Fox, or the Bush administration, think the result of this kind of talk will be? Since Fox is broadcast in Canada, is the hope that it will influence the election (January 15, 2006) and Canadians will vote against Martin? Last time I looked, when someone talked to me like this, I got angrier and angrier, not more and more compliant.

Oh, and by the way, Canada has committed to sending 2,000 more troops to Afghanistan in 2006 which will allow a partial US pullout. Canadian kids may well die in place of ours. I don't recall hearing about that on Fox.

11:13 p.m. EST: I thought I'd check Cavuto's website (which is changed daily), to see if it promotes this segment, and it does. It says, "And, Canada's at it again — this time blaming the U.S. for its own problems. Do we export violence? We'll get a fair and balanced debate." Love that "fair and balanced debate" stuff.

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