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Fox's Rick Folbaum - Wouldn't Most Americans Agree With The President Eavesdropping?

Reported by Donna - December 26, 2005

On Studio B today with Rick Folbaum substituting for Shepard Smith, he spoke twice about Colin Powell and how he reacted to the president's eavesdropping program.

This story is at the top of the news on network, cable, radio and internet sites today, so it's not surprising that Folbaum would talk about it. However, he appropriately toed the line on Fox and never used the words 'Domestic Spying' and stuck with the easier on the ear, 'eavesdropping' word.

In two segments, the first with correspondent, Major Garrett, and the second with Washington Times columnist, Harlan Ullman, Folbaum stuck with the eavesdropping word.

Forbaum said that Powell agreed with the president's eavesdropping program even though both Major Garrett and Harlan Ullman said this support was conditional and that the president should have requested warrants. Folbaum even went as far as asking Ullman if he didn't think that most Americans would approve of an eavesdropping program by the president if it was for their own safety?

Ullman told him no. He told him it was alright to do it but the president had to secure warrants within 72 hours.

Comment: Right after I monitor Studio B I turn off Fox and put on CNN. I couldn't help comparing the way each network approaced the domestic spying on Americans policy. Fox seemed to go with the theme that Colin Powell agreed with the president while CNN said that Powell agreed with the program on the condition that the president request warrants. Powell said he would leave it up to Congress to determine what needed to be done about the legal issue. Even Folbaum's guests said the president needed warrants, but Folbaum continued his nonchalant coverage that Powell agreed with the president and kept on calling it 'eavesdropping.'

So, you see guys, it's ok, the president was only eavesdropping on his fellow Americans. No checks and balances, no oversight needed. After all, the president is doing it for America's safety.

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