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Lowry Lies Again And Sullies What Had Been A Decent Discussion About Iraq

Reported by Ellen - December 24, 2005

During a discussion on Friday's (12/23/05) Hannity & Colmes about troop withdrawals in Iraq, Alan Colmes made a strong argument that Bush's decision to reduce the troop levels was based more on politics than military strategy.

Colmes told guests Colonel Dave Hunt and Lt. Col. Bill Cowan that when Rep. John Murtha and other Democrats talked about withdrawing troops, they were vilified by Republicans "for saying the very same thing that they are now doing and they knew then they were going to do it."

Colmes added, "Interesting isn't it, that they're talking about further troop levels later in the year, just before what? The November elections... which, of course, tries to take something from the Democrats off the table and make the Republicans look like they're responding to the political will of the American people, right?"

Lt. Col. Cowan said the situation is still "very volatile" and could still turn around (meaning troops might have to stay or even brought back after the reduction) as the result of a lot of dissatisfaction with the elections.

Col. Hunt agreed. He called the election is "a little bit tentative" and noted that there's an Islamic theocracy in the center, the Iranians "are gonna own a lot of the south" and with the Kurds in the north, the situation is "unsettled."

Comment: Unsettled, indeed. As The New York Times reports, "Several thousand Sunni Arabs gathered Friday in a residential neighborhood in central Baghdad to protest what they said was broad-based fraud in elections last week, in a sign of deepening Sunni discontent over the vote... American officials have expressed hope that Sunni participation in the political process will drain support for the insurgency, which is led mainly by militant Sunnis. But the protests, which capped a week of angry criticism, began to cloud the optimism that followed the large voter turnout eight days ago. The protests were a troubling backdrop to an elaborate joint presentation here on Friday by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and senior Iraqi officials to announce a slight reduction in American troops starting next spring."

Also, check out Robert Dreyfuss' interesting piece on TomPaine.com in which he writes, "The last hope for peace in Iraq was stomped to death this week." (found via Buzzflash.com)

As Hunt spoke, the music began as a signal that the discussion was ending. Rich Lowry, subbing for Sean Hannity, broke in to say the Murtha comparison was unfair "because the Murtha plan was to quit entirely in six months." This is the same untruth told by Lowry earlier in the week and for which he was corrected by Congressman Michael Capuano. Did Lowry just not bother to check his facts or did he deliberately disregard them?

Both Colmes and Hunt jumped on Lowry to say that was not true.

Tell FOX News that viewers of a national news network, especially one that brags about its "real journalism, fair and balanced," deserve a host who knows the truth and doesn't fabricate what newsmakers say.


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