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E-mail support for John Gibson's meltdown

Reported by Chrish - December 22, 2005

Today 12/22/05 on The Big Story John Gibson displayed half a dozen emails from viewers commenting on his loss of composure yesterday. Not surprisingly, five complimented him on his unprofessional rant and only one was shown taking him to task for his infantile behavior.

First re-read what Rob Boston said yesterday:

"I don't believe any of your stories coming out of the ADF. I've looked into about a dozen of them in the last week and they are all lies. <...> "You guys, you guys are rich. This stuff was made up. I called school superintendents and I said O'Reilly's telling people you can't have cookies in school shaped like angels, and he said that never happened.

Rob Boston never called John Gibson a liar. (Amend 11:40pm) : as pointed out by tadeusz below, later in the segment Boston did say that he would explain to Gibson why he (Gibson) was a liar. At the point Gibson began his outrage, however, Boston had not accused him of being a liar. )

Today Gibson is indignant that Boston never read the ridiculous book Gibson has been promoting endlessly since it came out in October. But really, most of us already know we don't have to, as confirmed in The New Yorker:

"So one opens it eagerly with hopes of learning what this war actually consists of. These hopes are soon dashed—or, rather, fulfilled, since it turns out to consist of very little. Gibson provides a half-dozen or so anecdotes, padded out to stupefying length, in which a school board or a city hall renames its Christmas break a winter break or declines to rename its winter break a Christmas break, or removes Christmas trees from the lobbies of government buildings and then restores them after people complain. “The war on Christmas,” the author concludes triumphantly, “is joined.”

Was there ever any doubt?

One wonders if the emailers read the ridiculous book. The sales are abyssmal, no doubt fueling Gibson's ire and desperation, but they are rabid enough fans to write and congratulate him on losing it on international cable so maybe they're the ones who bought it (in more ways than one.)

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