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O'Reilly Claims Media Using "Brokeback Mountain" To Indoctrinate

Reported by Deborah - December 20, 2005

Tonight the new film, Brokeback Mountain, was sucked into O'Reilly's smear machine. This film, which tells the story of two gay cowboys set in the 60s, has recieved great reviews, Golden Globe nominations and Oscar nods. O'Reilly claims that the media especially the New York Times and LA Times are promoting it to push a "political agenda" claiming " They care about mainstreaming this behavior to make it easier to pass a gay marriage law."

Michael Medved and Jeanne Wolfe joined the discussion and Wolfe reminded O'Reilly that it was a good movie that has gained popularity through word of mouth. When he tried to diminish the film's importance by claiming low earnings, Wolfe quickly reminded him that considering the movies very small distribution, it was doing quite well.

Medved stated that there clearly was a political agenda going into the right wing analysis. Admitting that it was a good film, Medved objected to people describing it as a "sacred" love story. He complained that it was anti marriage because it showed the eventual break up of their heterosexual marriages. The he made the amusing and ridiculous assertion that the film undermined the American, John Wayne ideal of the cowboy. Taking a giant step out on a limb, Medved claimed that it undermined Bush's image as a Texas Cowboy.

Jeanne Wolfe was not moved restating the fact that it's a terrific film. O'Reilly insisted that it was doing poorly and Medved added that even people in liberal Seattle walked out during the sex scene. Then of course, Narnia's big opening numbers were pulled out for comparison and O"Reilly repeated his assertion that the media uses entertainment for indoctrination.

comment: Throughout the segment, O'Reilly repeated that he did not object to the movie and hoped it did well. However, he let Medved bash it and both clearly labeled it as a Gay indocrination film. He tried to make it a casualty of the culture war saying that people in the middle of the Country would not want to see it. Of course, did anyone expect FOX or O'Reilly to behave differently on this issue?

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