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Cheney Claimed Secret Spying On Americans Without A Warrant "Has Saved Thousands Of Lives"

Reported by Donna - December 20, 2005

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he went to correspondent, Greg Kelly, regarding the controversy over he secret spying on American citizens program being done by President Bush. Smith said that critics are asking if we are eroding the constitution along the way.

Kelly served up as an apologist for the vice-president, saying the president has been defending the secret spying on Americans and the vice-president was now echoing the president's remarks.

Once they cut to the video of Vice President Cheney, the audio wasn't that great, but I did catch one statement that he made.

Cheney said that, "It (the secret spying on American citizens without a warrant policy) has saved thousands of lives."

Comments: So, there you have it, Dick Cheney's word that secret spying on American citizens has saved 'thousands of lives.' Does he have to prove it? No, it's a secret program. Remember the weapons of mass destruction? How about the yellow cake uranium from Niger? Or, the imminent threat from Iraq? The mushroom cloud? Now we have Dick Cheney claiming that this program has saved thousands of lives?

Maybe the regular Fox viewer will just accept this, excuse me if I think on it a bit.

Besides that, why say this? This is not the question. The question is whether the president broke the law and went against our constitution, not whether it benefited us or not. This is a typical deflection by this administration to avoid the real issue. The real issue is why did the president secretly spy on American citizens without court permission? Why didn't the president seek out a search warrant within 72 hours? It could remain secret, just let it go through our checks and balance system. If this is true, this may be the biggest blow that our democracy has ever received - doing much more harm than good.

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