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Rich Lowry Misrepresents Murtha

Reported by Ellen - December 19, 2005

Regardless of how you feel about Alan Colmes, there is no denying that he almost always gets his facts right. Sean Hannity, on the other hand, rarely gets through a show without some kind of major distortion, misrepresentation or outright falsehood. Tonight, Rich Lowry substituted for Sean Hannity and completely misrepresented Congressman John Murtha's stance on Iraq. Why is it that the conservative co-hosts can't manage to be accurate? Is their argument not strong enough without fudging the truth?

In a discussion about Iraq, Rich Lowry urged Democratic Congressman Michael Capuano to take a look at a new ABC News poll in which people were asked whether they supoort pulling the troops out now, "You know, the Murtha, Pelosi plan for Iraq."

Rep. Capuano vigorously - and correctly - objected that Lowry had mischaracterized Murtha's position. In fact, Murtha said, "I believe we must begin discussions for an immediate re-deployment of U.S. forces from Iraq. I believe it can be accomplished in as little as six months but it must be consistent with the safety of U.S. troops." Murtha's resolution states, "The deployment of United States forces in Iraq... are to be redeployed at the earliest practicable date."

Lowry condescendingly added that only 12% of those polled supported immediate withdrawal. Lowry didn't bother to mention that the poll also found that "support for decreasing the level of U.S. troops has reached a majority for the first time." In other words, the public supports Murtha's view.

As Capuano continued to object that Murtha never called for an immediate withdrawal, Lowry said derisively, "Oh, come on, yes. Starting immediately, pull out in six months." (Comment: Wrong again.)

Capuano said he had Murtha's resolution in his pocket and threatened to read it.

Lowry asked, "What IS his plan, then?"

"To get out as soon as practicable," starting after the election.

Alan Colmes then chimed in that Donald Rumsfeld is saying that 20,000 troops will be pulled out after the election and maybe 100,000 over the next year. "He's doing the very same thing Jack Murtha said we should do at the very same time while the Administration and the Republican surrogates attack Jack Murtha who offered a plan very much like what they now say they're doing anyway."

Is it asking too much for both co-hosts on a national news network to convey their views without twisting the truth on a regular basis? I don't think so.



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