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Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is FOX

Reported by Nancy - December 19, 2005 -

Sunday night (12/18) FOX News aired a "special" hosted by Brit Hume. The title was "Religion in America: Church & State" & it was hyped for days as "the latest battleground in America's war of religion." Military metaphors abounded, in traditional Foxian style, but there was little evidence of any such war aside from Hume's hyperbole. The entire program was little more than another episode in Fox's ongoing attack on our civil liberties, with some promotion for their own bogus "war on Christmas" (TM), the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, & the next installment of the erroneously named Justice Sunday.

Here are some of the military-themed phrases Hume used to set the stage & try to convince viewers that there really is a war going on in this country:
"locked in a legal war"
"all of those concepts have come under fire"
"to drive religion & its symbols out of the American public square"
"tour of the religious battlefield"
"every Christmas the arguing gets louder"
"fighting words"
"now even the pledge of allegiance has come under fire"
"the final battleground is the Supreme Court"
"individuals join with groups such as ACLU to start confrontations"
"religious supporters blinked"
"Elkhart, Indiana, didn't ask for a religious fight ... but they got one"
"why do these battles keep raging?"
"Americans are now fighting back."
"[a strategy] to beat the ACLU & its allies at their own game"
"[the Supreme Court] has been central to the battles over the past 60 years"

This culminated in a call to crusade, with Hume saying that the "holy grail" of those who oppose the separation of church & state is "sympathetic [Supreme] Court appointees."

Guests chimed in with similar phrases (e.g., "winner take all").

Fox is also very, very good at subtle bias. For example, at one point when Hume said "the tide may be turning" there was a triumphant musical crescendo. When Hume was talking about the "wall" of separation between church & state (which he called an "elegant metaphor, but ignored for much of America's history") he said that "those words would become fighting words" & his statement was accompanied by a clash of that hideous music that FNC typically uses to accompany war stories. And any time protesters or demonstrators were shown, the music was ugly & harsh.

But I'd have to say my favorite part was the utter hypocrisy. During the commercial breaks there were ads for Acura (Santa Claus & "holidays"), Red Lobster ("holiday feast"), 1-800flowers.com ("holidays"), the US Postal Service ("happy holidays") & Lowe's ("holidays"). There was even an ad *from* FOX:that said "Season's Greetings." Not a "Merry Christmas" in the bunch -- but I guess when money's involved, that's okay.

Hume signed off by saying "Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah & good night."

Comments: The program was about as subtle as a sledge hammer, for anyone exercising some critical thinking. For FoxFans, it probably played right into their myth of the "poor, persecuted Christian." Every program I have to monitor on FNC just reinforces my suspicion that they won't be happy until we all really are at each other's throats.

If you'd like to complain to Fox about this, email: Comments@foxnews.com

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Fox's blatant bias on this topic; the airing of this special; or any of the themes outlined above). O/T comments will be deleted. Please take debates about religion to our forum (click on link at right). Thanks.