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FOX News: Undermining America In A Time Of War

Reported by Ellen - December 15, 2005

Sean Hannity complains every night that Democrats' debate about the war in Iraq undermines our cause, all the while overlooking the fact that more than half the country agrees with them. Approximately half the voters are Democrats, approximately 60% of the country disapproves of the job George Bush is doing overall and in Iraq. FOX News claims the majority should squelch the minority when it comes to making sure everyone says "Merry Christmas," not "Happy Holidays." But when the numbers don't go their way, it's minority rule only. As the FOX News pundits wax rhapsodically about freedom and democracy in Iraq, they do everything to undermine the same principles right here at home. Our nation is fighting two foreign wars while FOX News continually attacks Americans on their own soil.

Last night's Hannity & Colmes was another shameless example of divisiveness and disrespect for American democracy. Instead of reason and discussion, Sean Hannity and FOX News contributor Newt GIngrich set out to destroy the reputations of their fellow Americans for the sole reason that they dared to speak out against the president's policies. They have conveniently forgotten that Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers they claim to revere, said dissent is patriotic.

While smearing the records of decorated war veterans John Murtha and John Kerry, chickenhawks Hannity and Gingrich didn't even bother to get their facts right. Gingrich twisted John Murtha's resolution to redeploy the troops "at the earliest practicable date" by saying, "How do you think surrendering in Iraq is going to make America safer?"

Hannity went after his favorite scapegoats. "If John Kerry had had his way, for example, he wanted a nuclear freeze when Reagan was confronting the evil empire." All the good news in Iraq "would not have happened with John Kerry's vacillation, with Hillary saying we made a mistake, with Howard Dean saying we can't win, with John Kerry saying our troops are terrorizing men and women in the dark of night. The chance for democracy, liberty and freedom wouldn't exist if modern liberalism had its way. They were wrong in Central America, they were wrong with the Soviet Union and look how wrong they are today as they undermine the troops every step of the way."

Even if you agree that Kerry, Clinton and Dean are wrong about everything, Hannity's brand of demagoguery only serves to further polarize an already divided country. Is that good for America? Does it help to rally the country behind the president and the troops? I doubt it.

If Hannity truly has the great regard for the troops he professes, why does he persistently contradict the opinions of three military experts who have each told him that dissent over the war has neither harmed morale nor the mission. I have yet to see a single member of the military back up Hannity's claims that the troops have been undermined ANY step of the way by dissent.

Gingrich sounded touched and inspired by all that hatred. He told Hannity, "You made a point that is so poignant and so powerful. The liberalism of Franklin Delano Roosevelt stood up against the Nazis, the fascists, the imperialist Japanese... The liberalism of John F. Kennedy called for more weapons, a bigger military, stronger commitment. Something went TERRIBLY wrong in the 1960's and the modern left has no concept of how dangerous the world is, how hard it is for a free country to remain free and there's something really sad to watch the left just go off course, in a way which I think threatens America."

Hannity chimed in, "It threatens world freedom."

Oh really? Are Gingrich and Hannity condemning the majority of Americans along with the "really sad" "off course" left? According to a recent Quinnipiac poll,

Only 34 percent of voters oppose setting a deadline or immediate withdrawal. Going to war in Iraq was the wrong thing to do, American voters say 54 - 41 percent, the lowest support in any poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University. And voters say 49 - 46 percent that the Bush Administration deliberately misled the American people in making its case for the war. "Americans want to fight terror, but they don't think Iraq is the place to do it. Forty percent say 'get out now,' and another 19 percent favor a phased withdrawal," said Maurice Carroll, Director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. "Not only is the President pushing an unpopular war, Americans think he lied to get us into it.

Isn't it time for FOX News to rally around the country, rather than trying to force the country to rally around it?

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