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Neil Cavuto Acts Dumb - Hey, Anything for Bush

Reported by Melanie - December 14, 2005

The first segment on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (December 14, 2005) was one featuring radio talk show host Steve Malzberg and Democratic strategist Bob Beckel. The segment was titled, "Condi's Message to the World: You Have Shirked your Duty." The discussion initially centered around comments Condoleezza Rice made yesterday when she "complained that other countries had 'barely done anything' to aid the prosecution of the former Iraqi dictator."

As is so often the case on Fox, the discussion quickly collapsed into its intended purpose - a general bashing of Democrats and of European countries for being "bought off" by Saddam Hussein through the Oil-for-Food program and for "appeasing terrorists." During the last several seconds, Malzberg brought up John Murtha and he got in the last word: "He said 80% of Iraqis want us out, which isn't true either."

Yesterday on Cavuto, Fox host John Kasich appeared as Cavuto's guest. Kasich had just come from a taping of an interview with Murtha which will air Saturday on "Heartland w/John Kasich." Cavuto's first question to him was about the 80% number: "Where was he getting this figure?" Cavuto asked. Kasich replied: "Well, I think Neil he probably got some poll somewhere that indicated that, and then, you know, whenever you're going to be trying to drive home a point, if you're going to be an effective orator, which he clearly is, you just repeat the point over and over again."

Comment: Okay Cavuto (and Malzberg and Kasich), two days of acting dumb about this is enough. In case you're interested (and I know you're not), Murtha got the figure from a Zogby poll released on January 28, 2005. It took me about 25 seconds to find it on the Internet. The poll found that:

Majorities of both Sunni Arabs (82%) and Shiites (69%) also favor U.S. forces withdrawing either immediately or after an elected government is in place.

Far from serving as a news and information source, Fox relies on its viewers to be uninformed, and it does whatever it can to keep them that way.

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