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Howard Stern & Bill O'Reilly (Part 2)

Reported by Deborah - December 8, 2005

The tension between Stern and O'Reilly was definitely up a few notches tonight and although some of the animosity was theater, it was clear that Stern was fed up with O'Reilly. 12/8/05

O'Reilly started the interview with a mention that Stern was the highest paid radio personality in history adding that his success comes from saying whatever comes into his mind. "Who's your audience?" O'Reilly asked.

Stern set the tone for the rest of the interview by answering, "Strippers, hookers and crack whores." Then he tried to explain that he always envisions his audience as a guy going to to work, a buddy in the locker room talking honestly about reality. Stern mentioned that during his 60 minutes interview, they were shocked that he could wish for someones's death on air. He defended this as an example of reality giving the example of wishing for Bin Laden's death after 9/11.

From all this, somehow O'Reilly concluded that Sterns audience was a "blue collar guy." Stern shot back with the analysis of the Scarborough Report which concluded that his audience was highly educated and high income.

O'Reilly didn't like that and made a crack about having lesbians on his show. Stern didn't blink answering,
"There will always be lesbians. I will give the people lesbian's because theres nothing sexier than two women getting it on." One can only imagine what Bill was thinking?

Before O'Reilly could respond to the lesbian comment, Stern turned to O'Reilly's merchandise sales making cracks about all the "chozzarai". "Who's walking around with a Bill O'Reilly briefcase?" he wondered. O'Reilly got all indignant and self righteous about giving 100% to charities like Habitat For Humanity but Stern claimed that he didn't believe it.
Making fun of O'Reilly he quipped, "Come outside with me right now!" O'Reilly then suggested that Stern could build houses for poor lesbians.

Stern then accused O'Reilly of selling the stuff out of ego and demanded a jacket for free. O'Reilly offered it on the condition that he wear it. "I won't wear it but I'll give it to a crack whore."

At his point, O'Reilly tried a Barbara Walters approach with Stern. He took them back to their days at Boston U asking about the chances of them making it. Stern never hesitated and talked about the stength of his dream to "make radio real" He talked about his Father's constant discouragement claiming "My whole life is devoted to proving him wrong."

comment: It was impossible for O'Reilly to get past his competetive obsession with Stern's success. Stern used this weakness beautifully making outrageous and irreverant references about his show which prevented O'Reilly from confronting him with some moral values attack. Stern was open, honest and very real and O'Reilly was no match for his truth. I'll admit that I've never listened to Stern's show and I'm still pretty sure I wouldn't like it. However, after this interview, I can honestly say that I like Howard Stern.

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